Cutting the Grass

I really enjoy cutting the lawn at home, I find it almost therapeutic.  I feel the same way about painting.  I cut the grass for the first time last week and had problems getting the lawn mower started after our long winter.  Finally got it going and got the grass cut to find that the weed whacker won’t stay going.  As soon as it started and I flipped the switch to turn the choke off it would stop.  So, yesterday after cutting the lawn I decided to change the gas in it.  It requires a 40:1 mixture of gas and oil, but the bottle only gave measurements for 50:1 and 32:1 – I was not feeling very mathematic so I left it aside in the hopes that R would come to my rescue.  He did, like a knight in shining armour he showed me this awesome syringe he has that shows you exactly how much to use.  AMAZING!  Gas is changed, I am ready to make the lawn look finished.  But fate had other plans for me, it will not stay started.  We have now enlisted the expertise of RO, to give it some RLC (RO loving care) in hopes that he can revive it.  Right now the lawn looks sloppy, like I am too lazy to finish what I started. Which is the case in some situations, but not this one.

Here is another picture of the shower, taken after day 3.  Yesterday a second light was added and the vent in the bathroom was moved so that it could actually do it’s job (apparently it was installed in a useless spot).


May 13, 2011. Uncategorized.

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