Water Wings

Apparently the police are doing a big blitz this week on distracted drivers, or so I have heard.  I do not know this first hand, but I have been told by a couple of different people, R included, that this is the case.  For this reason I have put my phone my bag this week so that I won’t read my emails and text messages while driving (at least I don’t respond to them while driving!).  Today I had the opportunity for a fantastic photo-op, a grown woman wearing rain boots and carrying an umbrella – (no shocker there, it is raining AGAIN) but she was also wearing WATER WINGS!  Awesome!  She must really have big puddles near her house if she is afraid she is going to drowned during her travels today.   Sadly I missed snapping her actual picture since I couldn’t access my phone in time, so you get the pleasure of viewing Water Wing Girl.  She’s cute huh?

And speaking of rain – let’s review our daily shower picture.  Here we are at the end of Day 5, wall tiles are almost all up and looks like SC is getting close to grouting.  Once he has all the marble trim completed we can order the glass and use our brand new shower!


May 18, 2011. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. bg replied:

    The shower is looking really nice. Since R uses that shower, I hope he isn`t smelling to bad. It`s been a while since the demolition.

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