Ya sure your Generator is Broken

This year for R’s birthday I told him I would buy him a new generator for the track.  Then he decided it was more important to have an enclosed trailer (which costs a LOT more than a generator), so I said I would put the money towards the trailer instead.  This is my first official track widow weekend of the year, as he left first thing this morning for the track, with a NEW generator.  As he was packing his things into the trailer yesterday he decided to fire up his old (a whole year old) generator to make sure it was working.  Funny enough – it won’t stay running.  He has told me since we got this generator that it’s no good, it takes forever to do what he needs it to do, he needs one that is more powerful, etc…  Coincidence that it just isn’t working properly right before he needs to leave for the track?  I think not.  So off he went yesterday to buy himself a brand spanking new generator, he called me from the store to tell me that he had good news.  He can take this one back within 30 days if he isn’t happy with it, and RO is coming to our rescue again and he is going to fix the old one.  I have a sneaky suspicion that if this new generator is far superior to the old one it’s here to stay.  I still can’t believe I was naïve enough to think he would be happy with just the trailer.  Happy racing R – enjoy the new generator.  🙂


May 20, 2011. Uncategorized.

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  1. bg replied:

    tsk tsk tsk.

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