Where there is a will, there is a way…

It’s no secret that I kinda like shoes…and I fell in love with a pair at BCBG a couple of months ago.  Then last week I went into the store and they were on sale and then they were an extra 30% off the sale amount.  I had to have them – they will be mine.  I asked them to search the country for them in my size and just ship them to me, the store called me back to tell me that they didn’t make this particular shoe in a 5.5.  Ya right – they are on the internet in a 5.5.  Problem with their website it that they cannot ship to Canada.  Solution to that problem – I will order shoes and ship them to my brother in law’s place in Atlanta.  Next problem – they cannot accept international credit cards for payment, and JW isn’t going to be home for the next 3 weeks.  Hmmmmm…what to do?  I called them directly, they told me to call the NY store and they can process and ship to Canadian stores – YAY!  I called the NY store and they aren’t doing store searches since they are having this big promotion, but if I call back on Monday I will get my shoes.  I won’t get the extra 30% off, but my pretty little feet will be prancing around in some fancy new shoes.  I just know they will find my size and ship them to me.  I am eternally optimistic.  Here is a picture of Ollie hanging on my every word in my most recent quest for shoes.

And here is the latest picture of the shower – all done, just waiting for the glass to come in and we are all set.  Now I just have to pick out the new paint colour for the bathroom and it will look spectacular.


May 27, 2011. Uncategorized.

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  1. GGi aka Carolyn replied:

    Oh – and just in case they can’t find my size in those shoes, I did buy myself 2 other pairs while I was at the mall. Kind of a consolation prize.

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