It’s finally done!

Well, it’s finished.  The saga of the powder room and the wallpaper is complete.  It was almost a full year journey from decision-making, to ordering, to starting installation and then stopping, ordering more wallpaper, being told they didn’t make it anymore – it’s FINALLY all over.  For those of you who are not familiar with this little gem of a story you can refer back to an earlier blog of mine in mid January about the wallpaper I purchased for our powder room.  I did receive the extra “magically appearing” roll of wallpaper back in January, but had not set a date with BA to complete what we started.  Yesterday was that day.  We got to work late morning and finished the job around 3:30 – it is so nice to have it all back together.  The bathroom mirror has sat on our dining room floor for months, and the hand towel for the bathroom has been draped across the sink instead of on its little towel rack.  Wall papering around the sink and toilet was a b’tch, I am not going to sugar coat it – I am so happy with result though it was all worth it!

Last night I also went to GLEE!!!  YAY!  It was so good, we even got to see most of the cast members up close when they performed on the back stage.  The only disappointing thing was the lack of appealing shirts.  We really wanted some fun Glee gear to show off our Gleeky spirit, instead we sang along to every song right along with the pre-pubescent girls that made up the majority of the audience.  It was Gleeful.  Happy Monday!


June 13, 2011. Uncategorized.

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