Itchy Feet

I need to know that I am not the only one who suffers from this.  It happens at the most random times and it seems impossible to find relief.  The bottom, the very bottom, the soles of my little feet itch.  Have you ever had this itch on your foot?  The kind that you can scratch and scratch and scratch, but since your feet are bit tougher than say your leg no amount of scratching seem to offer any relief.  I have even tried itchy foot powder that they make for athlete’s foot, but nothing.  There is no physical evidence of anything on my foot, I even asked my doctor about it and she said “Sometimes we have itches”.  I don’t have fungus or funguy (as I like to say it), no rashes, I don’t have super smelly sweaty feet.  It is a deep-rooted, far under the skin itch that resonates outwards.  You can identify the source and you feel it pulsing out expanding as it goes, like a sonar.  What I really need to know is how to make it stop!  Anyone?  Bueller?


June 14, 2011. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Mom (2) replied:

    Would a shopping trip help?? Your feet are just reminding you that they like new shoes as much as you do!!!

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