Day 5 – Chrysalis 30 day Challenge

What is Chrysalis you ask?  Chrysalis is a challenge designed to increase your metabolism, set personal goals, and change the way you think about food and what you eat.  It’s no secret that I have struggled with my sweet tooth for, hmmm, I don’t know – ALWAYS!  And it’s also no secret that I have been out of control for months now.  I need to learn how to break the cycle, so I signed up for a 30 day challenge through the Pilates Studio.  I am on Day 5 and so far I am feeling and doing great, I thought that changing my eating would be a lot more difficult than it has been.  You start with a pretty big breakfast, have a couple of protein shakes during the day as well as lunch and dinner.   For the first 2 weeks I am not eating any wheat or dairy (except for cream in my coffee – I was allowed that).  I haven’t had any extreme sugar cravings and I really do feel fantastic.  R and I also started Boot camp last night, and this woman doesn’t mess around.  R told me at one point that he thought he might puke, she had us doing crazy cardiointervals, mixed in with strength training.  And…..R even got up at 5:00 this morning to run with us.  In fact, JJ ran with us too, our little trio turned into an actually group.

The best part about this 30 day challenge is the infra-red sauna.   I thought I wouldn’t like it with my low blood pressure, but it’s amazing.  You sweat way more than you do in Hot Yoga and you don’t have to do anything! 🙂  Your skin feels fantastic after, and apparently you are burning a bunch of calories just sitting there while you body works to regulate your core temperate.  Apparently there are multiple benefits to the infrared sauna, I just don’t know what they are to relay them.


June 24, 2011. Uncategorized.

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  1. Betty Ann Melville replied:

    Think you are supposed to get in touch with your forefathers and the great spirit when you are in the sweat lodge….the great skin Is just a bonus!! BA

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