Really?…..Really?…What’s wrong with me?

Ok – don’t answer that.  I am sure that many of you can come up with a multitude of things that you perceive as ‘wrong’ with me, we all know I am pretty close to perfect so just don’t answer that.  

 JJ, T and I are leaving for LWWC (Long Weekend Wine Club) in Myrtle Beach on Friday,and I started to feel bad that I was leaving R at home alone over the long weekend.   WTF is that all about?  R leaves me on a regular and consistent basis over the weekends, not to mention he took off for the July long weekend to race.  And yet, here I am feeling guilty for some reason.  I realized that it’s because I have never ‘left’ R and Ollie Bear, or actually just R, for any longer than 1 night, and while we spend a lot of time apart, it’s never me who gets the adventure.  That is all about to change, us girls have decided that we are going to start drinking on the plane, BA and E really have no idea what they are in for.  T and I decided this morning on our morning run ritual that we may not eat dinner one night, being that we will be full on chips!  🙂

Here is picture of the beach that JJ posted on Facebook.   I will take lots of pictures and after I screen them all, maybe I will post a few for your viewing pleasure. 😉


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The Duvet, or lack there of…

I grew up with feather pillows and a feather duvet.  I like to be warm at night, even when it’s hot outside I like warmth.  R is the opposite, he doesn’t  have the same appreciation for bedtime warmth that I do.  In fact, he hates how hot our bed is (which it isn’t).  A couple of years ago I bought a new lighter, summer duvet and I alternated between it and the winter duvet with the changing seasons.  Last year the summer duvet stayed on the bed year round and I just added an extra blanket to my side of the bed.  That poor little duvet busted a seam somewhere and when I washed the duvet cover there were feathers everywhere, so I gave R the option of having a coverlet on the bed instead of a ‘summer’ duvet.  I am now FREEZING my little petunia off at night, it is 35 degrees out and I am cold at night.  R, on the other hand thinks he has died and gone to sleepy time heaven, he thinks that this is the best bedding we have ever had on our bed.  I have had to break out my extra winter blanket to keep me warm in the middle of an Ontario heat wave.  What I need is a duvet that is super light on one side and extra feathery on the other.  I have heard that these exist, now i just have to track one down.

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JJ and the Lawn Mower

I am sure that JJ would prefer I didn’t share this story, but it’s really too good to pass up the opportunity.  Pure gold is what I like to call this little tidbit.

As I mentioned in Wednesday’s blog, JJ has moved into BA’s for the next 5 weeks.  It was on Wednesday that I got a message from her asking me what the trick to BA’s lawn mower was.  BA has a push mower for the back yard, one of the fully manual, keep the blades sharp, environmentally friendly push mowers.  BA has a habit of not using her push mower and I end up cutting the grass with the gas mower, or E does it, or anyone but BA, so JJ decided she was going to keep up the lawn whilst caring for BA’s garden.  All of that being said, the grass was a little long and the push mower does need a little more effort than usual when the grass grows beyond a certain length.  I told JJ to just put a little muscle into it and once she got it moving it would be so much easier.  Failing that I told her I would cut it Thursday with the gas mower.  Her exact words to me were ‘I will give it one more try.  Something totally isn’t working!!’  When I heard from her again, she told me she did her best and I would probably want to fix it.  Yesterday both JJ and I were in the backyard weeding the gardens, I mentioned the lawn mower and she burst out laughing.

GGi:  What, what’s so funny?

JJ:  I am such an idiot, I was totally trying to use the gas mower on Wednesday.  I was trying to push it around the lawn and nothing was happening and I was putting muscle into, I was so frustrated that I put it back, opened the shed and saw BA’s push mower sitting there.  I was laughing so hard I was crying, I wasn’t going to say anything but it’s just too funny.  BA’s is totally easy to use.

GGi: (insert dead air), hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!  That’s awesome, what until I tell R!!

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BA Follow Up

The following is the report that BA claims appeared in the Newmarket Seniors Gazette, although it was lacking a byline – so I added one.

Confused Newmarket Senior tries to explain recent break in events.

A recent report that BA, having left on holiday, had left her sliding door unlocked to wily intruders who stole her electronics and prized possessions, failed to mention that this dear, loving Mother had actually sacrificed her home in order to protect the contents of her landlords, her son and daughter-in-law, R and GGi.
  This is not the 1st time this self-sacrificing Mother has put aside her own needs in the interest of her self-absorbed ego-maniacal Ducati-riding son and Jimmy Chui-worshiping diva daughter! (This is gold, it’s Jimmy Choo – she makes my shoes sound like Chinese take out).  That same Ducati remained safe and locked in the garage and  the red-soled shoe collection (which are actually Christian Louboutin, not Jimmy Choo) was tucked away on the upper floor as intruders were focused on the decoyed apartment of this selfless fibromyalgia suffering mother of three.  The plan worked and the loathsome intruders never realized the valuables that were available upstairs.
   Newmarket Chief of Police interviewed neighbour BT who stated “BA is wonderful.  She is my best friend and R is mean to her all the time. She makes the best cookies.”
  T, Mother of BT stated “BA has been a fibromyalgia sufferer for years and along with her arthritic condition may have found that door too heavy to lock.  However, GGi was watering BA’s plants.”  She noted that the garden hose was immediately adjacent to the sliding door. “I couldn’t help wondering if GGi had perhaps been the last to use the sliding door.”  Hhmmm? 

This all happened last year folks, and thankfully as I mentioned yesterday, she left this year wihtout incident.  🙂  Happy Holidays BA, can’t wait to come visit at the end of the month.

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BA heads south for the summer…

It’s that time of year again. BA has left for the summer and JJ is moving in.  I know I can’t belive that she is away again either and this time for over 5 weeks, a little excessive.  At least this year she locked all of her doors before she left.  Last year it was raining so I took Ollie Bear down to her place to let him outside and I noticed that the back patio door was left unlocked.  The following is the article that the local paper ran on the incident – thankfully this year all is ok.

Local Home Owner Loses all Possessions After Costly Mistake

 With the summer months upon us and vacation plans abound, now is prime time for house breaks in and thefts. 

In Newmarket this week local home owners R and GGi woke up to BIG surprise!  They were the most recent victims of theft, well, not them directly but R’s retired mother BA  who resides in the in-law apartment in the walk out basement of the house (aka the dungeon).  BA has recently departed for a month-long vacation in the south, yet she made a very costly mistake before she left, she failed to check that she locked all entrances to her apartment.  The thieves/vandals entered undetected through the unlocked sliding glass door and destroyed or stole all of her possessions.  They stole her tv, playstation, computer, and costume jewelry, slashed her furniture and urinated on her floors.  GGi made the discovery on Wednesday morning and was quoted as saying “The vandalism was just senseless, and the most upsetting thing for BA will be the destruction of her prized dinosaur collection, in addition to the abundance of kitty litter that was strewn across the apartment.  We are so fortunate that they didn’t enter our part of the house through the back stair case.”  Police believe that the vandals must have been interrupted and fled the scene.  Let this be a reminder to all that even in the sleepy suburb of Newmarket we are all at risk.  Remember to lock your doors.

BA contacted the Newmarket Seniors Gazette with a rebuttal, I will post that little gem tomorrow.

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Summer Traffic

I love summer traffic.  I have recently (just this week) started taking the 400 to work again.  It is wonderful, there are hardly any cars on the road compared to the usual mayhem that takes place during morning rush hour.  I am able to make it to work about 5 minutes earlier than when I take Weston Road, and I am not feeling stressed about it.  Evening traffic is a completely different story, but thankfully I only have to leave during rush hour 1 day a week.  This morning I was running a wee bit behind my usual leaving time (ok ok, I have been running a wee bit behind for 3 weeks now, since I started Chrysalis and have to eat a ridiculously large brekky) and I still made it to work by 8:50.  I wish that traffic was like this year round.  One of the best parts about taking the 400 is that it has 3 south bound lanes, so I am not stuck behind some A-hole flicking cigarette butts out his window.  I can just go around them and glare at them as I drive by. 

Tan Update – that’s right, it’s now a tan and not a burn.  I have to say you are all a bunch of mean cruel readers though, my blog views spiked on Monday and I am sure it’s because people were going back to look at how bad the burn on my back was.  And yet, no one asked me if I was ok, just looked at the picture and laughed.  I just ordered a bandeau style bikini in an attempt to abolish those unsightly tan lines.  Next time I will be sure to wear sunscreen though. 🙂

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LWWC – Warm up

This past weekend was our LWWC warm up.  JJ came and spent the weekend, we had a great night out on Thursday with friends for dinner.  Then on Friday and Saturday we did nothing but hang out on the deck with T, BA and EG and drink.  I was into the gin this weekend, I have been drinking so much wine lately I forgot just how much I LOVED gin.  Friday was a little sloppy for me, AK even came by later in the evening to drink hang out with us.  I wasn’t feeling so hot when I got up on Saturday.  JJ and I walked it off Saturday afternoon with a 5K walk with Ollie Bear, it was so hot out that we thought we might have to carry him the last leg of our walk.  I think he slept for 4 hours straight when we got home.  Saturday really was a repeat of Friday, back into the gin.  Yesterday I really didn’t feel well at all, but I think it was a combination of the sun, the drinking, the bad food I ate (I had chips and chocolate on Saturday night, and I have been soooo good except for that), and just being tired.

Speaking of the hot weather this past weekend, T and I went for a run on Friday morning and then I started a little project on the back deck fixing up a table.  E came up and decided to help me out with it, we had to pull what felt like 5000 staples out of a metal frame and remove the fake wicker to clean it up.  After about 1 1/2 hours of diligently working away on this table I realized that I was out there with no sunscreen on.  Me, Casper the friendly GGi was out there with no sunscreen on.  I went in and loaded up my back with 30 spf, but the damage was already done.  I was too late.  I look like I have a Lululemon racer back tank tattooed on my skin, the good news is that it didn’t really ever get sore.  The bad news is that I fried my skin AND I am now going to have crappy tan lines.  Take a look for yourself, it isn’t pretty.

And here is a picture of little Ollie Bear enjoying some backyard time at B & B’s.  We were there last night for dinner, he loves it there.

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