LWWC – Warm up

This past weekend was our LWWC warm up.  JJ came and spent the weekend, we had a great night out on Thursday with friends for dinner.  Then on Friday and Saturday we did nothing but hang out on the deck with T, BA and EG and drink.  I was into the gin this weekend, I have been drinking so much wine lately I forgot just how much I LOVED gin.  Friday was a little sloppy for me, AK even came by later in the evening to drink hang out with us.  I wasn’t feeling so hot when I got up on Saturday.  JJ and I walked it off Saturday afternoon with a 5K walk with Ollie Bear, it was so hot out that we thought we might have to carry him the last leg of our walk.  I think he slept for 4 hours straight when we got home.  Saturday really was a repeat of Friday, back into the gin.  Yesterday I really didn’t feel well at all, but I think it was a combination of the sun, the drinking, the bad food I ate (I had chips and chocolate on Saturday night, and I have been soooo good except for that), and just being tired.

Speaking of the hot weather this past weekend, T and I went for a run on Friday morning and then I started a little project on the back deck fixing up a table.  E came up and decided to help me out with it, we had to pull what felt like 5000 staples out of a metal frame and remove the fake wicker to clean it up.  After about 1 1/2 hours of diligently working away on this table I realized that I was out there with no sunscreen on.  Me, Casper the friendly GGi was out there with no sunscreen on.  I went in and loaded up my back with 30 spf, but the damage was already done.  I was too late.  I look like I have a Lululemon racer back tank tattooed on my skin, the good news is that it didn’t really ever get sore.  The bad news is that I fried my skin AND I am now going to have crappy tan lines.  Take a look for yourself, it isn’t pretty.

And here is a picture of little Ollie Bear enjoying some backyard time at B & B’s.  We were there last night for dinner, he loves it there.


July 4, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. JC replied:

    Um…that tan line should be on the lulu website!!! How could you forget sunscreen on the hottest weekend of the whole year? LOL

  2. GGi aka Carolyn replied:

    It’s not that I forgot exactly, I just got caught up in what I was doing. 😦

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