Summer Traffic

I love summer traffic.  I have recently (just this week) started taking the 400 to work again.  It is wonderful, there are hardly any cars on the road compared to the usual mayhem that takes place during morning rush hour.  I am able to make it to work about 5 minutes earlier than when I take Weston Road, and I am not feeling stressed about it.  Evening traffic is a completely different story, but thankfully I only have to leave during rush hour 1 day a week.  This morning I was running a wee bit behind my usual leaving time (ok ok, I have been running a wee bit behind for 3 weeks now, since I started Chrysalis and have to eat a ridiculously large brekky) and I still made it to work by 8:50.  I wish that traffic was like this year round.  One of the best parts about taking the 400 is that it has 3 south bound lanes, so I am not stuck behind some A-hole flicking cigarette butts out his window.  I can just go around them and glare at them as I drive by. 

Tan Update – that’s right, it’s now a tan and not a burn.  I have to say you are all a bunch of mean cruel readers though, my blog views spiked on Monday and I am sure it’s because people were going back to look at how bad the burn on my back was.  And yet, no one asked me if I was ok, just looked at the picture and laughed.  I just ordered a bandeau style bikini in an attempt to abolish those unsightly tan lines.  Next time I will be sure to wear sunscreen though. 🙂


July 6, 2011. Uncategorized.

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