BA heads south for the summer…

It’s that time of year again. BA has left for the summer and JJ is moving in.  I know I can’t belive that she is away again either and this time for over 5 weeks, a little excessive.  At least this year she locked all of her doors before she left.  Last year it was raining so I took Ollie Bear down to her place to let him outside and I noticed that the back patio door was left unlocked.  The following is the article that the local paper ran on the incident – thankfully this year all is ok.

Local Home Owner Loses all Possessions After Costly Mistake

 With the summer months upon us and vacation plans abound, now is prime time for house breaks in and thefts. 

In Newmarket this week local home owners R and GGi woke up to BIG surprise!  They were the most recent victims of theft, well, not them directly but R’s retired mother BA  who resides in the in-law apartment in the walk out basement of the house (aka the dungeon).  BA has recently departed for a month-long vacation in the south, yet she made a very costly mistake before she left, she failed to check that she locked all entrances to her apartment.  The thieves/vandals entered undetected through the unlocked sliding glass door and destroyed or stole all of her possessions.  They stole her tv, playstation, computer, and costume jewelry, slashed her furniture and urinated on her floors.  GGi made the discovery on Wednesday morning and was quoted as saying “The vandalism was just senseless, and the most upsetting thing for BA will be the destruction of her prized dinosaur collection, in addition to the abundance of kitty litter that was strewn across the apartment.  We are so fortunate that they didn’t enter our part of the house through the back stair case.”  Police believe that the vandals must have been interrupted and fled the scene.  Let this be a reminder to all that even in the sleepy suburb of Newmarket we are all at risk.  Remember to lock your doors.

BA contacted the Newmarket Seniors Gazette with a rebuttal, I will post that little gem tomorrow.


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