BA Follow Up

The following is the report that BA claims appeared in the Newmarket Seniors Gazette, although it was lacking a byline – so I added one.

Confused Newmarket Senior tries to explain recent break in events.

A recent report that BA, having left on holiday, had left her sliding door unlocked to wily intruders who stole her electronics and prized possessions, failed to mention that this dear, loving Mother had actually sacrificed her home in order to protect the contents of her landlords, her son and daughter-in-law, R and GGi.
  This is not the 1st time this self-sacrificing Mother has put aside her own needs in the interest of her self-absorbed ego-maniacal Ducati-riding son and Jimmy Chui-worshiping diva daughter! (This is gold, it’s Jimmy Choo – she makes my shoes sound like Chinese take out).  That same Ducati remained safe and locked in the garage and  the red-soled shoe collection (which are actually Christian Louboutin, not Jimmy Choo) was tucked away on the upper floor as intruders were focused on the decoyed apartment of this selfless fibromyalgia suffering mother of three.  The plan worked and the loathsome intruders never realized the valuables that were available upstairs.
   Newmarket Chief of Police interviewed neighbour BT who stated “BA is wonderful.  She is my best friend and R is mean to her all the time. She makes the best cookies.”
  T, Mother of BT stated “BA has been a fibromyalgia sufferer for years and along with her arthritic condition may have found that door too heavy to lock.  However, GGi was watering BA’s plants.”  She noted that the garden hose was immediately adjacent to the sliding door. “I couldn’t help wondering if GGi had perhaps been the last to use the sliding door.”  Hhmmm? 

This all happened last year folks, and thankfully as I mentioned yesterday, she left this year wihtout incident.  🙂  Happy Holidays BA, can’t wait to come visit at the end of the month.


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