The Duvet, or lack there of…

I grew up with feather pillows and a feather duvet.  I like to be warm at night, even when it’s hot outside I like warmth.  R is the opposite, he doesn’t  have the same appreciation for bedtime warmth that I do.  In fact, he hates how hot our bed is (which it isn’t).  A couple of years ago I bought a new lighter, summer duvet and I alternated between it and the winter duvet with the changing seasons.  Last year the summer duvet stayed on the bed year round and I just added an extra blanket to my side of the bed.  That poor little duvet busted a seam somewhere and when I washed the duvet cover there were feathers everywhere, so I gave R the option of having a coverlet on the bed instead of a ‘summer’ duvet.  I am now FREEZING my little petunia off at night, it is 35 degrees out and I am cold at night.  R, on the other hand thinks he has died and gone to sleepy time heaven, he thinks that this is the best bedding we have ever had on our bed.  I have had to break out my extra winter blanket to keep me warm in the middle of an Ontario heat wave.  What I need is a duvet that is super light on one side and extra feathery on the other.  I have heard that these exist, now i just have to track one down.


July 18, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Bg replied:

    You inherited that from grandma. She also liked to warm. I thought
    R was supposed to keep you warm.

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