Last minute to do’s…

Why does it always seem that vacations are so far away, until they are actually upon us!  URGH, I have so much to do this week to get ready for a super fabulous week away with R, Ollie Bear, JC, RO, CoCo, and Chloe.  We only have 2 more sleeps until we head out on MY first road trip as an adult to Tybee Island, Georgia.  We have rented a fabulous beach house that allows dogs so that our furry friends can vacation as well.  The Island is actually super pet friendly, they have 2 large dog parks, and great pet supply store called Beach Bum Biscuits, and apparently they even have a ton of fleas.  How exciting is that, fleas!  Thankfully Ollie is all up to date on his Revolution Flea and Tick control, and I may buy an extra flea collar just to be safe. 🙂  I have never traveled with a puppy out of the country before so I called our Doggie Doctor to enquire on what we needed.  We need proof of vaccinations (done, Rabies is the big one they look for), and they recommended having your dog licensed in your municipality.  Apparently coming back into Canada is harder than leaving when travelling avec pooches.  Funny, when JJ, T and I came back from Myrtle Beach they didn’t even check our passports at the border.  They just let us waltz right back into the country.  Anyways, I am pretty sure we are all set.  Now for packing.

I raced home from work last night, my damn excessive speed notification in my car kept beeping at me.  I cursed it and AK (my friend and sales rep from Audi) for its obnoxious beeping (AK set it up for me, and it’s none of your business how fast I was really going), flew through the front door, kissed R hello and ran upstairs to start laundry.  How can I be this far behind??  Then I started making a mental list of things not to forget – this is a VERY bad idea.  I am a visual person, I need to sit down tonight and write an actual list or I will be forgetting things for sure.  I did remember to put together all of our passport, vaccinations (Ollie’s), and beach house instructions though – so at least I have that.  Anything else I forget we will just have to buy.  🙂

Oh – and don’t worry, that bitchy hurricane Irene didn’t do any damage where we are going.  AND….don’t get any ideas about casing our house while we are away.  We have BA on full guard duty, like those poor little Voles you won’t stand a chance.


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Cotton Tops…

This is what JJ calls Senior Citizens.  She lives in a private gated community that caters to Cotton Tops, so she speaks of them often.  The term does not refer to everyone who happens to be retired and a senior citizen.  It has been reserved for those that are well past their driving days yet can’t seem to give up the old license.  I came across a number of Cotton Tops yesterday, my first incident involved a sweet looking little old lady (I’d say around 85).  She looked super cool in her black convertible mustang with the top down, but doing 25 in a 40km p/hr zone is anything but cool.  I mean come on lady, you are well past your days of young men whistling and stopping to catch a glance as you drive by.  Unless you are cruising the parking lot at Amica.  I was stuck behind her for what felt like an eternity, especially since I had somewhere I needed to be.  The speed limit is posted for a reason, and police can ticket you for interrupting the flow of traffic.

The second incident occurred as I was on my way home from the city yesterday afternoon.  I had just come off the highway at Aurora Road and was headed north on Leslie Street, there was a white Toyota Camry in front of me.  I had no reason to think that this was another Cotton Top Mobile, in fact I think this gentleman was speeding.  My concerns began when I saw him weave in and out of the pylons that have been set up to direct traffic while they complete road work.  You would have thought that it was his own personal solomon course, then he ran a red light and continued on his merry way.  I caught up to him again at St. John’s Sideroad, he actually stopped for that red light.  He was going straight and I was turning left so I had the opportunity to take a peak at the driver.  Imagine my surprise to discover that this Cotton Top was about 90!!!

I know that this doesn’t apply to all Cotton Top drivers, as I have a 93-year-old Aunt who still has her license.  She does however know her own limitations, she no longer likes to drive on the highway or a night. Who else agrees that if you have to renew your license every 2 years after the age of 80 that it should require more than a vision and written test.  How about an actual driving test??

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My long lost friend Gin…

I had forgotten just how much I love Gin until this summer.  I have been drinking quiet a bit of it though since I re discovered my love for it.  This past weekend I was at T’s for WC and Portuguese Chicken, but I decided that I would rather drink Gin over Wine.  T offered me a little glass to start my drinking with, I turned my back on her went right to the cupboard and grabbed the tall glass.  May as well drink doubles if you are going to drink.  The first one went down way too easy, I was having Gin and Tonic, with fresh orange pieces and a slice of lime.  I decided to have another one right away.  It was just as fantastic as the first one, but I swear someone must have helped me drink it.  No way I had already had 4 shots of Gin, I was feeling fine it was time I made myself another drink.  Once I was staring at the bottom of my third empty glass I realized that maybe, just maybe I was a teeny tiny bit drunk.  Apparently 6 shots of Gin will do that to a girl.   Nothing to worry about, I would just go home, get in bed and sleep it off.  I managed to jump from her front porch to my own with no problems (ok, I might have fallen, but no one saw me so it doesn’t count), got Ollie, FINALLY got him to sit still long enough to attach his leash and walked him.  Once we were safely back in the confines of our home, I stumbled up the stairs for bed and passed out, but not before taking my secret concoction.  The absolute best remedy for avoiding a brutal hangover the next day is a BIG glass of water with an Extra, Super Duper Strong Advil.  I was up at 8:00 the next morning and ran 7km.  I love GIN!

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In my next life…

I often use this statement when I think I have happened upon a good thing that I am not currently interested in doing.  Whether it is in regards to sports, activities, jobs.  My most recent in my next life statements have referred to career options, since I already love what I do and wouldn’t change it for the world, I think about my next life.  The first career that I said that about was electricians, not because I think I would enjoy it, but because they charge a small fortune to complete any sort of job.  I realize that they are constantly putting their lives on the line working with thousands of volts of electricity, but boy, do we ever pay for it.  Then last week I was in a situation where I needed to come into work on my scheduled day off.  My partner at work was sick (and not just in the head) and I needed to come in to cover part of his shift and close the dealership.  My dilemma was that I had Oliver booked in for grooming that day, I had no problems being able to drop him off, but picking him up was a different story.  I called BA, but she was already committed to chauffering her sister and brother-in-law from the airport, JJ had plans and wasn’t going to be the area, and R thought he could make it but just in case I needed a back up.  Who to call, who to call??  B & B to the rescue, we had them on call.  If R couldn’t make it time, B & B agreed that it would be no problem for them to go over and pick him up.  Now, you may be wondering why I didn’t just call and re schedule sweet little Ollie Bear’s appointment.  I didn’t do that because they are so busy that I made all his grooming appointments from May through Christmas in May.  That’s right, I said May.  So that got me thinking about my next life again.  I love dogs and there is obviously a lack of groomers out there, so maybe I should own and grooming studio.  I don’t think I actually want to do the grooming, just own the puppy spa and employ people who do.  R thinks in my next life I should stay in school and become a doctor, but he only says this because I love hospital tv shows so much.  ER until it ended, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and now Combat Hospital.  I do admit, I find it all very fascinating, but I am just not sure I could deal with all of that.  What would you do in your next life?

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Who likes to clean?…and I am talking about your house.

I know who doesn’t like to clean – ME!  I have been ever so fortunate for the last 9 years to have a wonderful lady clean our house.  Let’s call her, Mrs. Clean (wow, I am so original and witty).  Mrs. Clean not only cleaned our house, but she walked our dear sweet puppies, starting with Pfeiffer (German Shepherd extraordinaire) and then when Ollie Bear came along she totally up for the challenge.  Mrs. Clean has had some issues with her shoulder for quiet a while now, and sadly she is at a point where she is no longer able to work.  She is in a lot of pain, and needs to rest up and take care of herself, the selfish side of me is screaming “WHAT ABOUT ME?”, while the rest of me, the good parts of me are oozing with sympathy for the suffering she is going through.  The first 2 weeks that Mrs. Clean was gone weren’t so bad, JJ was able to help us out since she is off for the summer and was looking for some extra cash, but now I am on my own.  I realize that I could easily find someone to come in and clean the place, but I have decided to try to clean my house for a change.  R has already informed me that under no circumstances will he be cleaning, but he has agreed to be really tidy.  Last week was my first week to tackle the house from top to bottom, and it really wasn’t that bad.  As long as I can focus my attention on the task at hand, and keep my mind off the million other things I could be doing at home, I should be fine.  It’s also amazing how much more you appreciate your clean house when you have been down on your hands and knees like Cinderella scrubbing the floors.  I have cleaned up after myself and primarily Ollie Bear (he leaves his toys all over the house) all week and the house still looks great. 

I am not saying that this is something I will be able to stick with, I am a realist.  I will probably be on here next week begging for recommendations for a new Mrs. Clean, but for now I am going to do my best.

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The un-widowing of GGi…

I have 2 more weekends and 1 more full day of being a track widow and then I actually get my husband back.  It’s going to feel like we just met and starting dating again, we can go and do all the corny things you do when you are first getting to know someone.  We can take a ferry to Centre Island, ride the elevator to the top of the CN Tower, hold hands during movies, and I’ll even let him pay for my ice cream.  I think I totally deserve it.  Especially since we are driving, I repeat driving to Savannah this year so that R can bring his bike and go to a track day while we are on vacation.  It’s going to be R’s vacay within a vacay, thankfully JC and RO are joining us so I won’t feel abandoned and alone in a strange town – lol. 🙂

I have always been really independent being an only child and all, but I had gotten used to sharing (although I am not always good at it) everything with R.  I am going to have to re learn that set of skills, good thing BA is a retarded retired kindergarten teacher she can teach me all over again.  She is going to have her hands full, I am like 6 five year-olds in 1 body. Any fun date ideas for a newly dating couple are appreciated – Happy Thursday!!!

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Party in your Stomach

Over the weekend we were at our friends SB and AB’s.  AB shared this with me, it’s hilarious!  Enjoy! 

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Oh how I wish they sold Wisps in Canada. They are the greatest little travel tooth cleaning invention in the world! While we were in Niagara Falls, NY killing time before our flight to Myrtle Beach, T, JJ and I went to Target. T was desperate for something to brush her teeth with (she is a little OCD with Oral Hygiene, which definitely isn’t a bad thing), so we headed into Target and started shopping. T and I each purchased a couple of packages of Colgate Wisps, and once we were safely back in JJ’s car it was time to check them out. AMAZING – they are little mini brushes with a ‘freshening bead’ in the middle. No need to rinse or spit you can literally just brush and go.

I have become addicted to these things. They even have a little tooth pick type feature on the bottom for when you have something stuck in between your teeth that won’t come out with just regular brushing. I have brushed my teeth after lunch every single day and I don’t have to carry around a tube of tooth paste and a tooth-brush, just reach into my desk, grab a Wisp and off I go. 🙂 You can’t buy them here, but next time you are in the US of A, do yourself a favour and pick up a couple of packs of Wisps.

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I’m Back!!! Lordy Lordy, guess who made it to 40?

After some much needed rest for my creative mind I am back!  LWWC was amazing and it is definitely going to become an annual occurence.  The beach was incredible, the pool was super hot, we drank enough wine that it took me 2 weeks to detox from it all, and we even got in a little shopping.  I am also very proud to say that we actually got up and ran too!  🙂  We are troopers.  I actually have some fantastic video footage of BA after a couple of Margaritas, but I swore they wouldn’t end up on here.  

Yesterday we celebrated a major milestone for my parents, B & B – they have now been married for forty years!  WOW!!  Forty years with the same person and they are still happy and in love.   R and I planned a casual get together at their place in the afternoon, and we had a fantastic turnout.  The weather even decided to co-operate with us, which was especially good for the photographer.  Part of our gift to B & B was having a photographer there for the afternoon to capture the day, and I really wanted to have an updated photo of them, not to mention a new family photo of all of us.  JJ and I wore matching dresses, we really did look cute.  In fact, T, JJ and I all have the same dress but in different colours.   I think my favourite part of the day was eating not 1 but 2 cupcakes – they were divine, like moist chocolate heaven with white butter cream delight in your mouth.  Oh and the wine, wow, did I drink a lot for the middle of the day.  YUMMY!!  It was also really fantastic to catch up with people that we haven’t seen in years.

It was a great day with great friends and family.

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LWWC Pic!!

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