The un-widowing of GGi…

I have 2 more weekends and 1 more full day of being a track widow and then I actually get my husband back.  It’s going to feel like we just met and starting dating again, we can go and do all the corny things you do when you are first getting to know someone.  We can take a ferry to Centre Island, ride the elevator to the top of the CN Tower, hold hands during movies, and I’ll even let him pay for my ice cream.  I think I totally deserve it.  Especially since we are driving, I repeat driving to Savannah this year so that R can bring his bike and go to a track day while we are on vacation.  It’s going to be R’s vacay within a vacay, thankfully JC and RO are joining us so I won’t feel abandoned and alone in a strange town – lol. 🙂

I have always been really independent being an only child and all, but I had gotten used to sharing (although I am not always good at it) everything with R.  I am going to have to re learn that set of skills, good thing BA is a retarded retired kindergarten teacher she can teach me all over again.  She is going to have her hands full, I am like 6 five year-olds in 1 body. Any fun date ideas for a newly dating couple are appreciated – Happy Thursday!!!


August 18, 2011. Uncategorized.

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