Who likes to clean?…and I am talking about your house.

I know who doesn’t like to clean – ME!  I have been ever so fortunate for the last 9 years to have a wonderful lady clean our house.  Let’s call her, Mrs. Clean (wow, I am so original and witty).  Mrs. Clean not only cleaned our house, but she walked our dear sweet puppies, starting with Pfeiffer (German Shepherd extraordinaire) and then when Ollie Bear came along she totally up for the challenge.  Mrs. Clean has had some issues with her shoulder for quiet a while now, and sadly she is at a point where she is no longer able to work.  She is in a lot of pain, and needs to rest up and take care of herself, the selfish side of me is screaming “WHAT ABOUT ME?”, while the rest of me, the good parts of me are oozing with sympathy for the suffering she is going through.  The first 2 weeks that Mrs. Clean was gone weren’t so bad, JJ was able to help us out since she is off for the summer and was looking for some extra cash, but now I am on my own.  I realize that I could easily find someone to come in and clean the place, but I have decided to try to clean my house for a change.  R has already informed me that under no circumstances will he be cleaning, but he has agreed to be really tidy.  Last week was my first week to tackle the house from top to bottom, and it really wasn’t that bad.  As long as I can focus my attention on the task at hand, and keep my mind off the million other things I could be doing at home, I should be fine.  It’s also amazing how much more you appreciate your clean house when you have been down on your hands and knees like Cinderella scrubbing the floors.  I have cleaned up after myself and primarily Ollie Bear (he leaves his toys all over the house) all week and the house still looks great. 

I am not saying that this is something I will be able to stick with, I am a realist.  I will probably be on here next week begging for recommendations for a new Mrs. Clean, but for now I am going to do my best.


August 19, 2011. Uncategorized.

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