My long lost friend Gin…

I had forgotten just how much I love Gin until this summer.  I have been drinking quiet a bit of it though since I re discovered my love for it.  This past weekend I was at T’s for WC and Portuguese Chicken, but I decided that I would rather drink Gin over Wine.  T offered me a little glass to start my drinking with, I turned my back on her went right to the cupboard and grabbed the tall glass.  May as well drink doubles if you are going to drink.  The first one went down way too easy, I was having Gin and Tonic, with fresh orange pieces and a slice of lime.  I decided to have another one right away.  It was just as fantastic as the first one, but I swear someone must have helped me drink it.  No way I had already had 4 shots of Gin, I was feeling fine it was time I made myself another drink.  Once I was staring at the bottom of my third empty glass I realized that maybe, just maybe I was a teeny tiny bit drunk.  Apparently 6 shots of Gin will do that to a girl.   Nothing to worry about, I would just go home, get in bed and sleep it off.  I managed to jump from her front porch to my own with no problems (ok, I might have fallen, but no one saw me so it doesn’t count), got Ollie, FINALLY got him to sit still long enough to attach his leash and walked him.  Once we were safely back in the confines of our home, I stumbled up the stairs for bed and passed out, but not before taking my secret concoction.  The absolute best remedy for avoiding a brutal hangover the next day is a BIG glass of water with an Extra, Super Duper Strong Advil.  I was up at 8:00 the next morning and ran 7km.  I love GIN!


August 23, 2011. Uncategorized.

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