Cotton Tops…

This is what JJ calls Senior Citizens.  She lives in a private gated community that caters to Cotton Tops, so she speaks of them often.  The term does not refer to everyone who happens to be retired and a senior citizen.  It has been reserved for those that are well past their driving days yet can’t seem to give up the old license.  I came across a number of Cotton Tops yesterday, my first incident involved a sweet looking little old lady (I’d say around 85).  She looked super cool in her black convertible mustang with the top down, but doing 25 in a 40km p/hr zone is anything but cool.  I mean come on lady, you are well past your days of young men whistling and stopping to catch a glance as you drive by.  Unless you are cruising the parking lot at Amica.  I was stuck behind her for what felt like an eternity, especially since I had somewhere I needed to be.  The speed limit is posted for a reason, and police can ticket you for interrupting the flow of traffic.

The second incident occurred as I was on my way home from the city yesterday afternoon.  I had just come off the highway at Aurora Road and was headed north on Leslie Street, there was a white Toyota Camry in front of me.  I had no reason to think that this was another Cotton Top Mobile, in fact I think this gentleman was speeding.  My concerns began when I saw him weave in and out of the pylons that have been set up to direct traffic while they complete road work.  You would have thought that it was his own personal solomon course, then he ran a red light and continued on his merry way.  I caught up to him again at St. John’s Sideroad, he actually stopped for that red light.  He was going straight and I was turning left so I had the opportunity to take a peak at the driver.  Imagine my surprise to discover that this Cotton Top was about 90!!!

I know that this doesn’t apply to all Cotton Top drivers, as I have a 93-year-old Aunt who still has her license.  She does however know her own limitations, she no longer likes to drive on the highway or a night. Who else agrees that if you have to renew your license every 2 years after the age of 80 that it should require more than a vision and written test.  How about an actual driving test??


August 26, 2011. Uncategorized.

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