Moving? What about us?

Last night as I turned onto our street I noticed a ‘For Sale’ sign very close to our house.  Turns out our next door neighbours are moving.  This isn’t a complete shock, their daughter lives in Florida or Georgia (can’t remember what one), had a baby a couple of years ago, and they bought a place down there around the same time.  I am happy for them, I hope this means that they are retiring and going to enjoy themselves with their family.  It does however cause me a great deal of stress.  I think that your neighbours should be allowed to interview potential new home owners to see if they are suitable for the street.  I mean, what if they don’t’ really fit in with the rest of the street, or what if they are late night super loud party-ers (we all know how I feel about sleep), or don’t keep up their property and we are stuck right beside them, what if they cook smelly food and leave the windows all open so that’s all you can smell outside??  There are a lot of variables to worry about when faced with the prospect of a new neighbour.  T and CT totally scored when we moved in, I mean we are pretty cool neighbours, R and on his motorcycle and cutting the grass – who wouldn’t want us for neighbours.  In all seriousness, I realize how lucky we were to move in beside T and CT, and we were pretty lucky on the other side with JF and LF who are never home, keep to themselves, maintain their property.  What if weirdo’s move in beside us?  We already have Vampires living behind us.  I am serious, they never open their blinds, never have any windows open or lights on.  On the rare occasion we have seen them outside it’s not sunny out, so we have come to the conclusion that they are vampires.

The only good thing to come out of all of this is stalking their house on so we can see what they ‘did with the place’.  Well that and maybe we will score with some super great new neighbours.  Cross your fingers for us.


September 20, 2011. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. bg replied:

    You are getting Afgan Taliban refugees with 10 kids and a camel that spits.
    And they cook up goats brains with garlic and curry . Do hope you get nice neighbours, maybe one that can join the wine club.

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