Night of the living….flu?

ARGH!!  I had the worst Monday night ever.  I have previously blogged about the importance of keeping your dirty little germs all to yourself.  If you don’t feel well, or you know you are sick – DON’T GO OUT spreading your nasty little germs around.  Someone I came across in my travels, either, friend or customer passed along their fancy little flu germ.  I am usually immune to the stomach flu, I have had many other illnesses in the past, the flu (regular old achy breaky think i am going to die flu) is actually something that I dread but understand that it’s bound to happen to me.  I do not ever expect to be on the receiving end of the stomach flu though, I don’t even get sick to my stomach when I drink too much, so to say I was a surprised sick basket case was an understatement.  I actually made little beds for myself in all of our bathrooms, R had a good laugh when he awoke Tuesday morning to these comfie little havens I had constructed for myself in my fever induced state out of bath towels and blankets.  I highly recommend this for anyone else out there who may happen to get the stomach flu this year, it just makes you feel a little better to know you are in the room that you are undoubtedly spending the next 8-10 hours in with a nice little bed to curl up in on the floor.  Am I feeling better today?  Yes, slowly but surely I am on the mend.  And I can come to work today, I looked it up online.  And since Google knows everything, and I am a master Web MD, I will have you know that I was spreading around my germs Sunday and Monday before disaster struck. So, if you saw me and you get sick, I am really really really sorry.  Just remember to make your bathroom bed and be prepared for the fever chills.  xo

And I also wanted to wish my dad, B, a very happy birthday today!  Hope I didn’t give you the flu for your birthday, that would really be a rotten gift. 🙂


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