Pantry Fascination

I don’t know about the rest of you but I can open and close our pantry a hundred times a day when I am home.  I may not even be hungry and yet I find myself in the kitchen staring mindlessly into the pantry.  The fridge draws a close second, but that pantry has magical powers.  Behind it’s closed doors lays a world of tasty possibilities, and I always love the surprise find in the pantry, something that you bought and hid (so R wouldn’t eat it ALL before you could try it) a decadent treat shoved way to the back and hidden under year old marshmallows.  This past weekend I purged our pantry of all it’s old and dated food products, and I am not going to tell you how much food was wasted.  I am completely ashamed of R and I for what I had to dispose of, although Ollie seemed eager to help out (too bad for him that none of it was Beach Bum Biscuits).  I am just wondering though, am I the only one who finds the pantry fascinating, who can waste at least 5-10 minutes staring into wishing for the contents to change??  Hopeful that if I close the pantry and re-open that it will somehow pull a Harry Potter and contain a pre made healthy snack??  I know Ollie has picked up on this habit too, he stares wistfully at the pantry door often.  Although I might contribute his allure with the fact that his Beach Bum Biscuits and Food are contained within.


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Beach Bum Biscuits aka Puppy Crack

Oliver has many loves in his life.  And he loves them all unconditionally, with the kind of passion and loyalty that everyone should experience in their lives.  One of his many loves is Beach Bum Biscuits, they are peanut butter organic dog treats that we got for him while we were in Tybee Island this past September.  Before we left we bought 2 bags of them to bring home with us, we are down to our last 5 treats and I believe that he can sense it.  In fact I think he has taught himself how to count, when we pull out the Beach Bum Biscuits bag he almost looks panicked by the fact that they are almost gone.  So I emailed the store that carries them and they will ship to Canada!!  I haven’t told him yet, I am going to keep it a surprise and hold him off with some of his other loves, apples, carrots, yogurt, and blueberries.  I only hope he doesn’t go through withdrawal while waiting for them to arrive, they are his addiction, his puppy crack.

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Twilight Revenge

JC and I have a tradition of sorts, and I for one take traditions VERY seriously.  What is the point of having them if you are just going to throw caution to the wind and do what you want?  Our tradition was going to see the Twilight movies together, Sunday afternoon matinée on opening weekend.  This has worked for us, I have looked forward to these afternoons with anticipation every year for each sequel.  So imagine my surprise to find out that JC was not only going away for the weekend (which is forgivable, it was for work), but that she actually had the audacity to replace me!!  She made plans to see it that very weekend with someone else. 😦  Once I got over my initial upset and shock I decided to forge ahead and forgive my dear friend JC.

On Saturday morning I noticed that her Facebook status at some point the night before read ‘HUGE.WASTE.OF.TIME.’, I felt this small twitch in my mouth, my eyes crinkled a little at the corners, I had this all over feeling of lightness and happiness, I was in fact SMILING.  I feel that Twilight has offered me its own form of revenge on my two timing friend by not being everything she expected it to be.  I don’t have expectations for Twilight movies, and it works for me.  Maybe to make it up to me JC will come and see New Years Eve with me since R has already responded with a resounding “NO” when the trailer comes on.  🙂

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Knock Knock – Who’s there?

Friday night R and I went to a newer Mexican restaurant in Newmarket for dinner.  We both LOVE Mexican food and while R had dined there recently for lunch, I was still dying to go and try it out.  The food was very good, but the drink service was horrible!  I ordered a Sangria, and R ordered a lime drink, we were finished eating our appetizer before our waiter even returned with our drinks.  So, if you decide to try it out order your drinks well in advance.  The food was excellent though, and I would definitely return to give them a second chance.  After dinner we were going to grab a coffee a another newer establishment in town, a café that R found last week that uses a 60 year old espresso machine right out of Italy!  They were closed.

We were right by B & B’s house so we decided to pay them a friendly visit and see what they were up too.  We went up to the door and knocked, and then I rang the doorbell.  We waited, and waited some more.  R asked me to ring the doorbell again (apparently since he didn’t hear it the first time I must not have done that), so I rang the door bell again….nothing.  Benji their dog wasn’t even barking.  I rang the door bell about a dozen more times while shinning my phone flash light through the windows before I gave up and let myself in.  Hey, they gave me the key, they must want me to use it.  I told R that they were downstairs watching tv and were just too old and deaf to hear the damn doorbell.  We decided it would be fun to sneak up on them and scare them.  It seemed like every step we took the floor creaked and squeaked under our feet, but we made it down to the basement undetected.  As we crept along the basement hallway, B(1) caught sight of us in the reflection of the fireplace.  Benji started barking and we ducked in to the lower level kitchen.  We could hear the conversation playing out in the next room.

B:  B, what are you doing?

B(1):  I thought I just saw GGi and R here

B: What would GGi and R being doing here??

B(1): I don’t know but I thought I saw them in the fireplace.  Maybe I am just seeing things.

B(1) gets up and starts to investigate her hunch, R and I are laughing so hard we are crying.  Just as B(1) makes it to the kitchen I do my best attempt to ‘jump’ out and scare her.  Except I am laughing too hard to make any noise, but it worked.  We still scared the crap out of her.  I love sneaking up on people. 🙂

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Finally Financial Responsible?

A LOT of people are under the impression that I am a Financial responsible person.  Perhaps it’s my profession,  and I do feel that I am now a financially responsible individual, but that was definitely not always the case.  I spent my entire first student loan on clothes, this is something that did not sit well with my parents, that I can assure you.  Then there was the time that I decided to buy my first house and they asked me for  a $5000.00 deposit with my offer – $5000.00!!!!  I was 22 years old for crying out loud, of course I should have had $5000.00 in the bank, I was planning on buying a house.  Sadly, I did not have said $5000.00 and B & B swooped in to save the day with the $5000.00 deposit.  I had worked out how I was going to afford a mortgage, it never occurred to me that I would need a deposit.  Wouldn’t they just let me buy a house with the 8,000 forms I had to sign and initial in triplicate?  Then after I moved in and R and I declared our undying love to one another and he moved in too, I opened a line of credit.  A secret line of credit, shhhhh, R can never know that this line of credit exists.  I renovated our bathroom, expanded my wardrobe, paid off some other smaller debts, expanded my wardrobe some more, and then we sold our house and moved.  At this time, I had to come clean.  We were paying off our collective debts with some of the house equity and I had to break it to R that I owed CIBC (who I don’t even ever bank with) a LOT of money.  He handled the news well, perhaps because he has always been so responsible irresponsible as well. 

Recently a really good friend we will call A (for Anonymous) asked me to hold on to their credit card so that they couldn’t use it.  A, seeing me as a Financial Responsible and well dressed (thanks to CIBC, and added sponsorships from VISA) individual felt that I was the right person to entrust their debt too.  A just needed to be able to pay down the balance and get out of the robbing Peter to pay Paul cycle.  I love having A’s Visa, it gives me a false sense of security, like I can just use A’s credit card in an Emergency if I don’t want to use my own.  Poor A, I wonder if A is regularly checking their statements and wondering why the balance never decreases.  🙂

Any one else out there want me to hang on to their credit cards?  I have a some extra spots in my wallet for them.

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