Finally Financial Responsible?

A LOT of people are under the impression that I am a Financial responsible person.  Perhaps it’s my profession,  and I do feel that I am now a financially responsible individual, but that was definitely not always the case.  I spent my entire first student loan on clothes, this is something that did not sit well with my parents, that I can assure you.  Then there was the time that I decided to buy my first house and they asked me for  a $5000.00 deposit with my offer – $5000.00!!!!  I was 22 years old for crying out loud, of course I should have had $5000.00 in the bank, I was planning on buying a house.  Sadly, I did not have said $5000.00 and B & B swooped in to save the day with the $5000.00 deposit.  I had worked out how I was going to afford a mortgage, it never occurred to me that I would need a deposit.  Wouldn’t they just let me buy a house with the 8,000 forms I had to sign and initial in triplicate?  Then after I moved in and R and I declared our undying love to one another and he moved in too, I opened a line of credit.  A secret line of credit, shhhhh, R can never know that this line of credit exists.  I renovated our bathroom, expanded my wardrobe, paid off some other smaller debts, expanded my wardrobe some more, and then we sold our house and moved.  At this time, I had to come clean.  We were paying off our collective debts with some of the house equity and I had to break it to R that I owed CIBC (who I don’t even ever bank with) a LOT of money.  He handled the news well, perhaps because he has always been so responsible irresponsible as well. 

Recently a really good friend we will call A (for Anonymous) asked me to hold on to their credit card so that they couldn’t use it.  A, seeing me as a Financial Responsible and well dressed (thanks to CIBC, and added sponsorships from VISA) individual felt that I was the right person to entrust their debt too.  A just needed to be able to pay down the balance and get out of the robbing Peter to pay Paul cycle.  I love having A’s Visa, it gives me a false sense of security, like I can just use A’s credit card in an Emergency if I don’t want to use my own.  Poor A, I wonder if A is regularly checking their statements and wondering why the balance never decreases.  🙂

Any one else out there want me to hang on to their credit cards?  I have a some extra spots in my wallet for them.


November 2, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. bg replied:

    Ha Ha Ha still laughing God doesn`t anyone know you.

  2. b a melville replied:

    You may have spots in your wallet for extra credit cards, but just remember…..I have you purse!!!! BA

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