Twilight Revenge

JC and I have a tradition of sorts, and I for one take traditions VERY seriously.  What is the point of having them if you are just going to throw caution to the wind and do what you want?  Our tradition was going to see the Twilight movies together, Sunday afternoon matinée on opening weekend.  This has worked for us, I have looked forward to these afternoons with anticipation every year for each sequel.  So imagine my surprise to find out that JC was not only going away for the weekend (which is forgivable, it was for work), but that she actually had the audacity to replace me!!  She made plans to see it that very weekend with someone else. 😦  Once I got over my initial upset and shock I decided to forge ahead and forgive my dear friend JC.

On Saturday morning I noticed that her Facebook status at some point the night before read ‘HUGE.WASTE.OF.TIME.’, I felt this small twitch in my mouth, my eyes crinkled a little at the corners, I had this all over feeling of lightness and happiness, I was in fact SMILING.  I feel that Twilight has offered me its own form of revenge on my two timing friend by not being everything she expected it to be.  I don’t have expectations for Twilight movies, and it works for me.  Maybe to make it up to me JC will come and see New Years Eve with me since R has already responded with a resounding “NO” when the trailer comes on.  🙂


November 22, 2011. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. JC replied:

    Nothing like a public lashing to whip this girl into shape! So…will it be opening night or the traditional Sunday matinee?
    Let me know – this one’s on me 😉

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