Pantry Fascination

I don’t know about the rest of you but I can open and close our pantry a hundred times a day when I am home.  I may not even be hungry and yet I find myself in the kitchen staring mindlessly into the pantry.  The fridge draws a close second, but that pantry has magical powers.  Behind it’s closed doors lays a world of tasty possibilities, and I always love the surprise find in the pantry, something that you bought and hid (so R wouldn’t eat it ALL before you could try it) a decadent treat shoved way to the back and hidden under year old marshmallows.  This past weekend I purged our pantry of all it’s old and dated food products, and I am not going to tell you how much food was wasted.  I am completely ashamed of R and I for what I had to dispose of, although Ollie seemed eager to help out (too bad for him that none of it was Beach Bum Biscuits).  I am just wondering though, am I the only one who finds the pantry fascinating, who can waste at least 5-10 minutes staring into wishing for the contents to change??  Hopeful that if I close the pantry and re-open that it will somehow pull a Harry Potter and contain a pre made healthy snack??  I know Ollie has picked up on this habit too, he stares wistfully at the pantry door often.  Although I might contribute his allure with the fact that his Beach Bum Biscuits and Food are contained within.


November 30, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Betty Ann replied:

    Always approach pantry with a spoon in hand…..the joys of peanut butter, honey, jam, maple syrup, etc. directly to the mouth are not to be overlooked!

  2. bg replied:

    I don`t know where you picked up the habit, but it seems to have rubbed off on your family. It`s like a national pastime.

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