A Breezy Solution

Back in July we talked about the Duvet (and by that I really mean, me) and how R and I have completely different sleep requirements when it comes to the best temperature for sleeping.  A few weeks ago I purchased all new bedding for our room, and it looks fabulous.  I am super stoked about it (cannot believe I am finally at that age where bedding is exciting) and it required a new duvet to complete the transformation.  Since the summer I have suffered with no duvet, just sheets and blankets.  This really isn’t enough for our pending winter season.  I did not find one of those dual sided duvet, although I also didn’t really look for one.  I know, selfish of me, but hey – I am the one shopping for the bed.  I did buy a light feather duvet though, and I have left the window open (just a little a bit) to keep R happy.  I feel like my Auntie J, she has a real thing for cold bedrooms, I am not sure how we all know this about her, but we do. 

Ollie is also accepting of the window solution, it gives him the enjoyment of barking at the little dog that lives behind us.  He props his front paws on the window ledge and gives that little dog hell, then when he is ready for bed he curls around and lets us tuck him in with his own doggy duvet (it’s really a blanket).  On hot nights he just rolls over and enjoys the beautiful breeze.  Here’s hoping that when it gets really cold I can close the window, there is nothing worse than sticking your arm out of the warmth of your bed to shut the alarm off and find that it’s 0 degrees in your room!


December 6, 2011. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Auntie Em replied:

    Ollie is the world’s cutest dog, period!

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