Dear Diary – His & Hers Addition, What Men think we write about and the Truth

I noticed this morning that R commented on this picture on Facebook  – his comments “Too True”.

Here is my version of my diary.

Dear Diary,

Today I had a fabulous day shopping with my friends, I got the best new Christian Louboutin‘s (can’t wait to wear them with that awesome lace pencil skirt I got last week).  I also bought the cutest cashmere wrap sweater in a pale gray, its stunning.  I couldn’t believe my luck when I found my dream spring handbag, it was only $545.00 so I bought it before I had any regrets.   I love this time of year, all the new fashions are coming out, too bad nothing is on sale!  I met up with R for dinner after my shopping spree, he didn’t seem as exciting about all my new purchases as I was.  I asked him if something was bothering him and he just said ‘no’.  We were both kind of lost in our own thoughts for the rest of dinner, I really think I should go back and buy those Frye Paige Tan Riding boots – they match my new handbag perfectly.  In the car on the way home I got to thinking about how quiet R had been since I showed up at the restaurant.  He’s probably pissed off that I spent so much money but told him we couldn’t afford for him to spend 9 weekends at the track this year.  I told him I loved him and he didn’t really respond…oh ya, he is pissed.  Well, too bad, he gets 6 track weekends and I get a Spring shopping spree.  After we got home he just kind of sat around on the couch watching tv and moping so I went upstairs to try on all my new stuff and get ready for bed.  He came up about 15 minutes later and went straight to bed, he didn’t even ask about my new stuff.  Brutal!  If he thinks I am going to feel guilty and cave to an extra 3 weekends at the track he can think again.  I love my new stuff.

His Diary

Motorcycle won’t start and I can’t figure out why, and GGi went and spent all the money I need to fix it when I do figure it out.  BS!


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Do I look like a threat?

Last week I had the privilege of attending Porsche 991 training (this is the newest body style 911) in Newport Beach, California.  There was a group of 4 of us from the dealership going and we agreed to meet at the airport around 6:00am and have breakfast after we checked in and cleared customs.  It was a cold and dreary morning but with the prospect of Sunshine and the new 991 awaiting me in California I was pumped.  I had just cleared customs and was on my way to check my bag when a very nice man dressed in an official airport uniform approached me and ask to see my passport.  I thought he was just being friendly and was going to direct me to the shortest line for the carry and body scans.  Nope…that wasn’t what he had in mind at all.  He took my passport and boarding pass and asked me follow him, apparently I was the next lucky contestant on “You’ve been randomly selected to undergo a secondary security check”.  Really?? Really?  Do I look like a threat?

So, off we went to a separate side room, and before you go getting any nasty ideas let me be perfectly clear that this room was full of people and no rubber gloves came out.  I was NOT subjected to a full body search!  (this has been a common question among my male co-workers).  He asked me a multitude of questions, here is how our conversation went.

Him: Where are you going?
Me: Newport Beach, California
Him: Why?
Me: Training for work
Him: Where do you work, what are you training people for?
Me: Porsche, I am not training, I am being trained.
Him: Who packed your bag, if I open it what will I find in there?
Me: I packed my bag, it has cosmetics, clothes, hairdryer, shoes. You can go ahead and open it.
Him: I am impressed you fit it all in this bag (he opens my bag, and thankfully doesn’t go through it, it would suck to re pack it).
Him: (Goes through my purse and investigates my wallet), Who is HG? And why do you have a cheq from them?
Me: She is my great-aunt and she gave me that cheq for Christmas
Him: Really? Why haven’t you cashed it?
Me: When is the last time you went into the bank?
Him: *laughs* (thank god!) Good point. So, where do you work?
Me: Porsche.
Him: Have ever been finger printed or arrested?
Me: Nope, not that I am aware of. (BIG SMILE)
Him: Ok GGi, I am just going to run your name through our data base and make sure that nothing comes up. (He leaves, comes back and returns my passport and boarding pass). So, I am sorry where do you work?
Me: Really? You have already asked me this question twice, I haven’t switched companies since we have been here.
Him: *laughing* Good enough GGi, have a great flight and enjoy your time in California.

Now really, what was the point of that?

Newport Beach and the 991 event were fantastic, if you can afford to buy one you should.  Here are a couple of pics.

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Many Ears Disease

R has recently been diagnosed with this disease and it doesn’t mean he can hear way better than anyone else.  It’s actually spelled Meniere’s Disease and it causes sudden on set vertigo (which causes vomiting and extreme headaches – GROSS), ringing in his ears and reduced hearing in his left (?) ear.  I believe he is going to try and use this to his advantage, like when he selectively doesn’t want to listen to me or hear what I have to say, he’ll tell me he couldn’t hear me. 

R went to a concert this week and this seems to aggravated his already delicate condition, so the night after the concert he jumps in bed and I can hear water running.  A fast drip that can only mean the tap has been left on.  As he woke me from my precious slumber I somewhat crankily asked him if he left the tap on – he denied of course, but since I was in such a fabulous mood he ripped the sheets off and stalked off to investigate.  Yup, sure enough the tap is still running, and he couldn’t hear a thing.  This newly diagnosed condition of his can be both good and bad for both of us, and everyone else that he knows.  If I forget to tell him something, I can say that I did tell him and he’ll just claim he didn’t hear me.  🙂  Or, I will tell him, he will hear me and he’ll forget and then claim he just didn’t hear me.

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I decided shortly before Christmas that R and I should relieve our current toaster of its toasting responsibilities and get a toaster oven.  I even went so far as to send him the link to a great Toaster Oven that was 50% during some heavily discounted ‘Bay Days’, however Christmas came and went with no sign of a Toaster Oven.  R wasn’t totally sold on the Oven and Toaster in one, but he has slowly come around to the genius of it all.  He also started to agree that maybe this was the new small appliance we needed.  We got a pretty cool grill from BJ and Big L for Christmas, something that we wouldn’t use as often or as much as a Toasty Toaster Oven, so yesterday I went to Future Shop and made the swap. 

While at the Shop of Future I found exactly what we needed, the Breville BOV650XL.  Ollie and I raced home to check out our new wares only to discover that this particular Toaster Oven had been previously enjoyed.  GROSS!!!  There were a couple of tell-tale signs, scratches on the front door, signs of wear on the top and the biggest one being that the baking tray had been previously used.  You could see grease and something else on it, so back to Future Shop – Ollie and now BA in tow (BA decided that she should have one these new fabulous Toaster Ovens too).  No hassles, they quickly made the exchange and robbed BA of her hard-earned dollars.  Back at the ranch (that’s our house for cute) I got it all set up and ready for use.  This morning I toasted myself 2 slices of bread from frozen to a number 6 darkness and they were perfect!  If you want to check it out for yourself, bring your bread and come on over.  🙂

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