I decided shortly before Christmas that R and I should relieve our current toaster of its toasting responsibilities and get a toaster oven.  I even went so far as to send him the link to a great Toaster Oven that was 50% during some heavily discounted ‘Bay Days’, however Christmas came and went with no sign of a Toaster Oven.  R wasn’t totally sold on the Oven and Toaster in one, but he has slowly come around to the genius of it all.  He also started to agree that maybe this was the new small appliance we needed.  We got a pretty cool grill from BJ and Big L for Christmas, something that we wouldn’t use as often or as much as a Toasty Toaster Oven, so yesterday I went to Future Shop and made the swap. 

While at the Shop of Future I found exactly what we needed, the Breville BOV650XL.  Ollie and I raced home to check out our new wares only to discover that this particular Toaster Oven had been previously enjoyed.  GROSS!!!  There were a couple of tell-tale signs, scratches on the front door, signs of wear on the top and the biggest one being that the baking tray had been previously used.  You could see grease and something else on it, so back to Future Shop – Ollie and now BA in tow (BA decided that she should have one these new fabulous Toaster Ovens too).  No hassles, they quickly made the exchange and robbed BA of her hard-earned dollars.  Back at the ranch (that’s our house for cute) I got it all set up and ready for use.  This morning I toasted myself 2 slices of bread from frozen to a number 6 darkness and they were perfect!  If you want to check it out for yourself, bring your bread and come on over.  🙂


January 6, 2012. Uncategorized.

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