Do I look like a threat?

Last week I had the privilege of attending Porsche 991 training (this is the newest body style 911) in Newport Beach, California.  There was a group of 4 of us from the dealership going and we agreed to meet at the airport around 6:00am and have breakfast after we checked in and cleared customs.  It was a cold and dreary morning but with the prospect of Sunshine and the new 991 awaiting me in California I was pumped.  I had just cleared customs and was on my way to check my bag when a very nice man dressed in an official airport uniform approached me and ask to see my passport.  I thought he was just being friendly and was going to direct me to the shortest line for the carry and body scans.  Nope…that wasn’t what he had in mind at all.  He took my passport and boarding pass and asked me follow him, apparently I was the next lucky contestant on “You’ve been randomly selected to undergo a secondary security check”.  Really?? Really?  Do I look like a threat?

So, off we went to a separate side room, and before you go getting any nasty ideas let me be perfectly clear that this room was full of people and no rubber gloves came out.  I was NOT subjected to a full body search!  (this has been a common question among my male co-workers).  He asked me a multitude of questions, here is how our conversation went.

Him: Where are you going?
Me: Newport Beach, California
Him: Why?
Me: Training for work
Him: Where do you work, what are you training people for?
Me: Porsche, I am not training, I am being trained.
Him: Who packed your bag, if I open it what will I find in there?
Me: I packed my bag, it has cosmetics, clothes, hairdryer, shoes. You can go ahead and open it.
Him: I am impressed you fit it all in this bag (he opens my bag, and thankfully doesn’t go through it, it would suck to re pack it).
Him: (Goes through my purse and investigates my wallet), Who is HG? And why do you have a cheq from them?
Me: She is my great-aunt and she gave me that cheq for Christmas
Him: Really? Why haven’t you cashed it?
Me: When is the last time you went into the bank?
Him: *laughs* (thank god!) Good point. So, where do you work?
Me: Porsche.
Him: Have ever been finger printed or arrested?
Me: Nope, not that I am aware of. (BIG SMILE)
Him: Ok GGi, I am just going to run your name through our data base and make sure that nothing comes up. (He leaves, comes back and returns my passport and boarding pass). So, I am sorry where do you work?
Me: Really? You have already asked me this question twice, I haven’t switched companies since we have been here.
Him: *laughing* Good enough GGi, have a great flight and enjoy your time in California.

Now really, what was the point of that?

Newport Beach and the 991 event were fantastic, if you can afford to buy one you should.  Here are a couple of pics.


January 30, 2012. Uncategorized.

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  1. Bg replied:

    Maybe he thought you were a smuggler.

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