Dear Diary – His & Hers Addition, What Men think we write about and the Truth

I noticed this morning that R commented on this picture on Facebook  – his comments “Too True”.

Here is my version of my diary.

Dear Diary,

Today I had a fabulous day shopping with my friends, I got the best new Christian Louboutin‘s (can’t wait to wear them with that awesome lace pencil skirt I got last week).  I also bought the cutest cashmere wrap sweater in a pale gray, its stunning.  I couldn’t believe my luck when I found my dream spring handbag, it was only $545.00 so I bought it before I had any regrets.   I love this time of year, all the new fashions are coming out, too bad nothing is on sale!  I met up with R for dinner after my shopping spree, he didn’t seem as exciting about all my new purchases as I was.  I asked him if something was bothering him and he just said ‘no’.  We were both kind of lost in our own thoughts for the rest of dinner, I really think I should go back and buy those Frye Paige Tan Riding boots – they match my new handbag perfectly.  In the car on the way home I got to thinking about how quiet R had been since I showed up at the restaurant.  He’s probably pissed off that I spent so much money but told him we couldn’t afford for him to spend 9 weekends at the track this year.  I told him I loved him and he didn’t really respond…oh ya, he is pissed.  Well, too bad, he gets 6 track weekends and I get a Spring shopping spree.  After we got home he just kind of sat around on the couch watching tv and moping so I went upstairs to try on all my new stuff and get ready for bed.  He came up about 15 minutes later and went straight to bed, he didn’t even ask about my new stuff.  Brutal!  If he thinks I am going to feel guilty and cave to an extra 3 weekends at the track he can think again.  I love my new stuff.

His Diary

Motorcycle won’t start and I can’t figure out why, and GGi went and spent all the money I need to fix it when I do figure it out.  BS!


January 31, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. JC replied:

    How did I miss this most awesome blog EVER?????

  2. JC replied:

    Again. Awesome.

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