Gift Card Extravaganza

I have discovered that I must be impossible to shop for, because I have an abundance of gift cards.  Well actually both R and I do, I have a couple of friends who will even suggest somewhere for dinner and then wait for me to chime in about what gift cards I have on hand.  At least now the retailers are not supposed to issue an expiry date on them, although R had an Upper Canada Mall gift card a couple of year ago, and I noticed on the back it said after a certain number of months they would deduct a fee.  A fee?  A fee for what…for not spending our money.  This sounds like a big fat scam, and I am not even sure they are allowed to do this, but R’s $50 gift card was only worth $37.50.  So I spent it before we lost anymore money.  🙂

I just went through my wallet and I have about 6 gift cards for various places, so if anyone feels like hanging out with me let me know.  My treat!  Except for the Marble Slab Creamery gift card, I received that little piece of heaven from JC at Secret Santa.



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A nurse I am not…

I have a great deal of respect for people who  work in the healthcare field.  They are often under appreciated and over worked.  R has been sick the past few days, and he can and will attest to the fact that I have little sympathy for sickness.  I was raised to believe that unless you were on your death bed, you are fine and you ARE going to school or work.  B & B seldom gave me a sick day, they even sent me on a school field trip with tonsillitis.  As  a result I rarely take a sick day.  I feel like they lived by a little check list.

  1. You don’t look sick
  2. You don’t FEEL like you have a temperature (no point actually taking it, you feel fine)
  3. You haven’t been around anyone sick
  4. We feel fine
  5. You go to school.

Back to R…he whole heartedly believes in sick days.  It is a running joke amongst our friends and family, that he takes 30 or so a year.  I think he probably should have married a nurse, but hey – he asked me.  He knew what he was getting into when he signed up, and as T always says “Who asked who?”.  Thankfully he is feeling better, because apparently having BA live in the dungeon Suite downstairs doesn’t do much.  I thought she would resume her motherly duties and attend to her ailing son, but R has suggested that he has been left to fend for himself for the last 4 days.

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The Art of Snail Mail

I still believe in snail mail.  There is just something to be said for getting your mail and finding a card or a letter that someone has actually taken the time to do the following things.

  • Actually pick out an appropriate card for the occasion – the best are always the ‘just because’ kind
  • You realize that some people still know how to write cursive, or at least print and not type.
  • They bought a stamp
  • They mailed it to you

We do so much now by texting and email that its just nice to send/receive cards the old fashioned way.  I LOVE cards myself and while I am not great at sending them I do make an effort to do so.  I often have a large stack of them on hand for birthdays, weddings, new babies, thinking of you, thank you,  get well….they have a card for everything.  I actually saw a card once that was for a girls first bra – no lie.  It said something like ‘You are growing up so fast, on your way to becoming a woman’.  HAHAHAHA.  If you haven’t mailed a card in the last 6 months, go out and do it.  Make someones day, send it to someone who would least expect it.

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Break out your High School Year Books…enough time has passed

It has now been 5, ok, 10…..FINE 17 years since I graduated from high school and upon hearing that a friend of mine found one of his old yearbooks I decided to dig mine out of the back of the closet.  Once you have located your yearbooks you need to set aside about an hour of your time to cruise down memory lane.  Here are a few observations I have about my year book.
1. My friends and I were not always as nice as we are now. My year book is full of obscenities written about fellow students.
2. Just because a girl is prettier than you in high school, doesn’t mean she’ll stay that way. Some people age with some serious city mileage on their faces.
3. I once thought that jeans and jean vests were cool (picture from my after prom party below, and yes I also smoked).
4. You shouldn’t scribble out people’s faces in your year book, you will never remember them or why you didn’t like them 17 years later.
5. Regarding #4, don’t let your friends do this to your year book either.
6. You look way younger than you even thought you did, trust me.
7. Pray that you said nice things in other people’s yearbook’s, you never know when karma will appear.
8. I dated a couple of losers!

Let me know how your year book tours go, I would to hear.

This is EM, NL and I at the hotel after party of our prom.  Jeans and jean vest out in full effect, along with a pack of my smokes of choice in my younger years (so GROSS, why did I smoke?) DuMaurier Light Regular.  I was so styling.  🙂

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Bizarro Creep

Let’s start this off by saying that I suffer from road rage.  I am impatient and easily annoyed by other drivers on the road.  As a result of this I had the most bizarre experience this morning on my way to work.  I made a really quick last-minute, bad decision to take the 400 to work.  It is like fog soup out there this morning, so traffic was at a stand still.  I decided that before I turned into a raging lunatic I should get off the highway and take an alternate route.  As soon as I had the opportunity to take the off ramp at King Road I did, the guy who was in front of me pulled out to follow.  He knew I had a good idea.  I travelled along Weston Road to Teston and at the lights there he pulls up next to me.

Creep:   (motioning for me to roll down my window)  Hey!  Where are we going?

GGi:  Pardon?

Creep:   Where are we going?

GGi:  I, am going to work.  I have no idea where you are going.

Creep:   Oh, I thought you wanted me to follow you.

GGi:   WHAT?  Why would I want you to follow me?

Creep:  I just thought the way you pulled out and sped past me you wanted me to follow you.  Didn’t you see me watching you in my rear view mirror?


Thankfully at that moment the light went green and I was free to go.  OMG!  Since when does aggressively pulling out behind someone mean “Hi!!  Follow me.”  Clearly this guy doesn’t get out much.


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Apps…it’s not a fancy term that Apple came up with

Sometimes I contemplate whether I should write about something because it involves friends or family, but it’s my blog and you all you know me well enough that I shouldn’t have to censor my entires.  So I am not going too anymore, its open season.  If you don’t want me to blog about it, tell me.

BA and I went to have lunch my Great Auntie H (GAH) a few weeks ago.  She lives in an Amica retirement building, which is beautiful and full of cotton tops who are wealthy and dress up everyday for lunch.  These are classy men and women who never be caught dead in jeans, or lululemon’s.  It’s slacks and skirts all the way here.  R met us briefly for lunch also, but he bailed right after lunch and I tagged along on BA’s tour.  I am not sure if GAH just wanted to show off where she lives, or if she gets some sort of commission if BA fills out an application to move in.  🙂  At one point, we were walking along a corridor and a woman who lives there nodded and said ‘hello’ to me.  She walked past me and then when she reached BA and GAH she nodded at BA and said ‘welcome’.  BA vehemently denies that this occurred, and that she is no where near old enough to require such a standard of living, but truth be told that lady walking down the hall saw a potential new bestie in BA.

Here is the second thing that happened that afternoon.  My dad’s side of the family has a touch of a disease called ‘knowitallitis’.  I also sometimes suffer from this affliction and have to remind myself that it’s ok to say ‘I don’t know’.  Since GAH is my dad’s aunt, she definitely knows what I am talking about.  She recently purchased an iPad and asked my dad what ‘Apps’ are.  He told her it was Apple’s fancy name for an icon.  WHAT???  No it’s not, and this is not me suffering from a bout of Knowitallitis, this is complete BS.  I told her that’s not what it meant, and she argued that it did.  Like since B (dad) told her that’s what it was, then it was set in stone.  Normally I can keep my petite size mouth shut and bite my tongue, I mean she is in her 90’s, but not this time.  We debated for a couple of minutes her basically telling me I don’t know what I am talking about, when I realized that I really just needed to shut this down.  I offered her my Blackberry, which is not an Apple product, I told her it was made by RIM (she knew this already of course), and that my bb also had ‘apps’.  That ‘apps’ is short for applications, which once purchased and downloaded to your media device produce an icon to click on and use the app.

I lover her dearly, but I can’t have her walking around thinking things are what they aren’t.  B gave me shite later, apparently if you spend over an hour on the phone trying to explain things, you can say whatever you want to get off.  🙂

Here is the official google definition.

Definition: Apps is an abbreviation for application. An app is a piece of software. It can run on the Internet, on your computer, or on your phone or other electronic device.

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What’s not to like?

We got a new tv a few weeks ago, and it’s HUGE!  R picked us out a 60″ 3D (god only knows why we need a friggin 3D tv, I am never going to watch it in 3D), LCD tv.  It’s AWESOME.  You feel like the people in your favourite tv shows are right there in your family room with you.  And the clarity it amazing, you can practically see their pores and the sheen of sweat on the actors faces from the hot lights in the studios.  JJ and I watched Twilight Breaking Dawn a couple of weeks ago and it was like Bella was having her baby right in front of us (gross, but still…pretty cool).  I was against getting a tv this large when we first talked about replacing our previous one.  I didn’t want something in our family room that was so large and in charge, like nothing else mattered.  Now that we have it though I am totally on board, when R watches hockey it’s like we are at the game.  I feel like walking past the couch and offering him a $15.00 beer and $10.00 bag of popcorn.  Hmmm….this could actually be profitable.  I think I am going to have a hockey party and do just that, the tv will pay for itself in like 2 parties!  🙂


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Things you should always tell your friends…male or female

I recently made a Grimm discovery about a skirt I own.  It makes my a$$ look like a Kardashian’s, and while some might find that look hot, I don’t.  I believe the worst part about this whole ordeal for me was that no one told me.  Most of co-workers are men, and they didn’t feel comfortable commenting on my generous looking derriere.  Here’s how one conversation went… CW (co-worker):  Want lunch today or did you bring your lunch?  GGi:  I am totally in for lunch, what are thinking about?  CW:  I brought in some great Minestrone soup from home, but I will go out and buy a loaf of bread to eat with it.  GGi:  No bread for me, I need to lose 4 lbs, my a$$ looks huge right now.  CW:  No, I think it was just that skirt you were wearing the other day.  GGi:  WHAT!!!!  You noticed and you didn’t tell me?  CW:  Kind of an awkward thing to tell you don’t you think.  GGi:  Ummm….ya – obviously not, since I am so upset you let me walk around like that all day.

So here is the lesson, if you notice any of the below mentioned items about any of your friends regardless of their gender, you tell them.  ALWAYS.

1. Their butt looks huge in those pants, jeans, skirt, dress, etc…you tell them
2. Something in their teeth
3. Flying low, very embarrassing, who cares that you looked at their crotch and noticed – tell them!
4. Bad breath – offer gum, they will get the hint.
5. Red Wine lips, I have covered this one before – very important
6. Something in their nose – worst thing ever is using the washroom and noticing you have something in your nose, bogey or not.
7. Stain on their clothes, could be on their back and they would never know
8. Bad hair day – offer to help. I keep gel in my desk, so if you work with me I will come to your rescue.
9. Bra is showing or thong when they bend over – guys if you don’t want to be the bearer of this news ask a female friend to help.
10. Anything that you would want to know. If you see anything at all that you would want to know about, tell them!

Feel free to add to this list. I have since found a new home for my skirt, one that makes the wearer’s a$$ look fantastic.

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What’s better than samples of beauty products? I will tell you what I think is better, it’s getting deluxe size samples delivered to your door once a month in a pretty pink box. Glymm is a company that offers such a service, for a low monthly fee of $10.00 they ship you 4-5 deluxe beauty samples. It is through Glymm that I discovered my love for Butter London nail polishes, Lip Slip Lip Gloss by Sarah Happ, not to mention the lip scrub!  It’s fabulous.  The have recently even introduced a Men’s sample box that ships quarterly, R doesn’t think he’ll use it, but I think I know best. 😉

Check it out for yourself, I think you’ll love it as much as I do. 

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1 down, who knows how many more to go…

Well, I have had my first official track widow weekend of the year.  R packed up and headed down to Jennings, Florida with the boys for a fun filled weekend.  Too bad he crashed his bike the first day out, below is the video of his little adventure.  Watch from the 3 minute mark on, and you will see him bail at 175km per hour.  Thankfully he is A-Ok and lived to tell the tale, or this really could have been a track widow weekend.  😦


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