Things you should always tell your friends…male or female

I recently made a Grimm discovery about a skirt I own.  It makes my a$$ look like a Kardashian’s, and while some might find that look hot, I don’t.  I believe the worst part about this whole ordeal for me was that no one told me.  Most of co-workers are men, and they didn’t feel comfortable commenting on my generous looking derriere.  Here’s how one conversation went… CW (co-worker):  Want lunch today or did you bring your lunch?  GGi:  I am totally in for lunch, what are thinking about?  CW:  I brought in some great Minestrone soup from home, but I will go out and buy a loaf of bread to eat with it.  GGi:  No bread for me, I need to lose 4 lbs, my a$$ looks huge right now.  CW:  No, I think it was just that skirt you were wearing the other day.  GGi:  WHAT!!!!  You noticed and you didn’t tell me?  CW:  Kind of an awkward thing to tell you don’t you think.  GGi:  Ummm….ya – obviously not, since I am so upset you let me walk around like that all day.

So here is the lesson, if you notice any of the below mentioned items about any of your friends regardless of their gender, you tell them.  ALWAYS.

1. Their butt looks huge in those pants, jeans, skirt, dress, etc…you tell them
2. Something in their teeth
3. Flying low, very embarrassing, who cares that you looked at their crotch and noticed – tell them!
4. Bad breath – offer gum, they will get the hint.
5. Red Wine lips, I have covered this one before – very important
6. Something in their nose – worst thing ever is using the washroom and noticing you have something in your nose, bogey or not.
7. Stain on their clothes, could be on their back and they would never know
8. Bad hair day – offer to help. I keep gel in my desk, so if you work with me I will come to your rescue.
9. Bra is showing or thong when they bend over – guys if you don’t want to be the bearer of this news ask a female friend to help.
10. Anything that you would want to know. If you see anything at all that you would want to know about, tell them!

Feel free to add to this list. I have since found a new home for my skirt, one that makes the wearer’s a$$ look fantastic.


March 12, 2012. Uncategorized.

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