What’s not to like?

We got a new tv a few weeks ago, and it’s HUGE!  R picked us out a 60″ 3D (god only knows why we need a friggin 3D tv, I am never going to watch it in 3D), LCD tv.  It’s AWESOME.  You feel like the people in your favourite tv shows are right there in your family room with you.  And the clarity it amazing, you can practically see their pores and the sheen of sweat on the actors faces from the hot lights in the studios.  JJ and I watched Twilight Breaking Dawn a couple of weeks ago and it was like Bella was having her baby right in front of us (gross, but still…pretty cool).  I was against getting a tv this large when we first talked about replacing our previous one.  I didn’t want something in our family room that was so large and in charge, like nothing else mattered.  Now that we have it though I am totally on board, when R watches hockey it’s like we are at the game.  I feel like walking past the couch and offering him a $15.00 beer and $10.00 bag of popcorn.  Hmmm….this could actually be profitable.  I think I am going to have a hockey party and do just that, the tv will pay for itself in like 2 parties!  🙂



March 14, 2012. Uncategorized.

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