Apps…it’s not a fancy term that Apple came up with

Sometimes I contemplate whether I should write about something because it involves friends or family, but it’s my blog and you all you know me well enough that I shouldn’t have to censor my entires.  So I am not going too anymore, its open season.  If you don’t want me to blog about it, tell me.

BA and I went to have lunch my Great Auntie H (GAH) a few weeks ago.  She lives in an Amica retirement building, which is beautiful and full of cotton tops who are wealthy and dress up everyday for lunch.  These are classy men and women who never be caught dead in jeans, or lululemon’s.  It’s slacks and skirts all the way here.  R met us briefly for lunch also, but he bailed right after lunch and I tagged along on BA’s tour.  I am not sure if GAH just wanted to show off where she lives, or if she gets some sort of commission if BA fills out an application to move in.  🙂  At one point, we were walking along a corridor and a woman who lives there nodded and said ‘hello’ to me.  She walked past me and then when she reached BA and GAH she nodded at BA and said ‘welcome’.  BA vehemently denies that this occurred, and that she is no where near old enough to require such a standard of living, but truth be told that lady walking down the hall saw a potential new bestie in BA.

Here is the second thing that happened that afternoon.  My dad’s side of the family has a touch of a disease called ‘knowitallitis’.  I also sometimes suffer from this affliction and have to remind myself that it’s ok to say ‘I don’t know’.  Since GAH is my dad’s aunt, she definitely knows what I am talking about.  She recently purchased an iPad and asked my dad what ‘Apps’ are.  He told her it was Apple’s fancy name for an icon.  WHAT???  No it’s not, and this is not me suffering from a bout of Knowitallitis, this is complete BS.  I told her that’s not what it meant, and she argued that it did.  Like since B (dad) told her that’s what it was, then it was set in stone.  Normally I can keep my petite size mouth shut and bite my tongue, I mean she is in her 90’s, but not this time.  We debated for a couple of minutes her basically telling me I don’t know what I am talking about, when I realized that I really just needed to shut this down.  I offered her my Blackberry, which is not an Apple product, I told her it was made by RIM (she knew this already of course), and that my bb also had ‘apps’.  That ‘apps’ is short for applications, which once purchased and downloaded to your media device produce an icon to click on and use the app.

I lover her dearly, but I can’t have her walking around thinking things are what they aren’t.  B gave me shite later, apparently if you spend over an hour on the phone trying to explain things, you can say whatever you want to get off.  🙂

Here is the official google definition.

Definition: Apps is an abbreviation for application. An app is a piece of software. It can run on the Internet, on your computer, or on your phone or other electronic device.

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  1. Betty Ann replied:

    This blog is a clear and definite example of the family disease of “knowitallitis”…..the friendly lady mentioned in the first paragraph was extending a “welcome” to all of us!!!!! GGI was walking well ahead of her aunt and myself, so missed seeing the smiles and ‘hello’ extended to both GAH and me as she passed us. It was after she was WELL past the three of us that she called out an all encompassing “welcome” that included both my dear daughter-in-law and myself!!!! Obviously, just a friendly greeting that people from her generation extended out of politeness and warmth.

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