Bizarro Creep

Let’s start this off by saying that I suffer from road rage.  I am impatient and easily annoyed by other drivers on the road.  As a result of this I had the most bizarre experience this morning on my way to work.  I made a really quick last-minute, bad decision to take the 400 to work.  It is like fog soup out there this morning, so traffic was at a stand still.  I decided that before I turned into a raging lunatic I should get off the highway and take an alternate route.  As soon as I had the opportunity to take the off ramp at King Road I did, the guy who was in front of me pulled out to follow.  He knew I had a good idea.  I travelled along Weston Road to Teston and at the lights there he pulls up next to me.

Creep:   (motioning for me to roll down my window)  Hey!  Where are we going?

GGi:  Pardon?

Creep:   Where are we going?

GGi:  I, am going to work.  I have no idea where you are going.

Creep:   Oh, I thought you wanted me to follow you.

GGi:   WHAT?  Why would I want you to follow me?

Creep:  I just thought the way you pulled out and sped past me you wanted me to follow you.  Didn’t you see me watching you in my rear view mirror?


Thankfully at that moment the light went green and I was free to go.  OMG!  Since when does aggressively pulling out behind someone mean “Hi!!  Follow me.”  Clearly this guy doesn’t get out much.



March 20, 2012. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. JC replied:

    Seriously funny!!!

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