A nurse I am not…

I have a great deal of respect for people who  work in the healthcare field.  They are often under appreciated and over worked.  R has been sick the past few days, and he can and will attest to the fact that I have little sympathy for sickness.  I was raised to believe that unless you were on your death bed, you are fine and you ARE going to school or work.  B & B seldom gave me a sick day, they even sent me on a school field trip with tonsillitis.  As  a result I rarely take a sick day.  I feel like they lived by a little check list.

  1. You don’t look sick
  2. You don’t FEEL like you have a temperature (no point actually taking it, you feel fine)
  3. You haven’t been around anyone sick
  4. We feel fine
  5. You go to school.

Back to R…he whole heartedly believes in sick days.  It is a running joke amongst our friends and family, that he takes 30 or so a year.  I think he probably should have married a nurse, but hey – he asked me.  He knew what he was getting into when he signed up, and as T always says “Who asked who?”.  Thankfully he is feeling better, because apparently having BA live in the dungeon Suite downstairs doesn’t do much.  I thought she would resume her motherly duties and attend to her ailing son, but R has suggested that he has been left to fend for himself for the last 4 days.


March 26, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. bg replied:

    You are a much stronger person because we gave you so much LOVE!!!!

  2. Betty Ann Melville replied:

    Message from the dungeon…
    Hmmm….perhaps there is communication breakdown happening here??? Do Motherly duties not include breakfast, coffee, lunch, neck massage, snack and dinner?? None of those were missed, so….the ailing son has perhaps been a little light with the truth of the situation!

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