Mine or Yours?

Yesterday I went to the mall.  R has a birthday quickly approaching and I needed some to stock up on some birthday cheer.  The mall is not a safe place for me at this time of year.  All of the Spring and Summer fashions are just hitting the stores and I find it hard to resist them.  My mission was R’s Birthday present, my accomplishments were lots of new things for me.  Those evil retailers tempt me with their wares, they display it all oh so perfectly and I am a buy right from the display shopper.  Upon entering one store my heart beat escalating, my hands felt clammy and I had a general sense of unease as I knew without a doubt, I was about to spend money.

I did not leave the mall empty-handed, however I do think that someone should remind me whose birthday it is.  Mine or R’s?



April 13, 2012. Uncategorized.

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