Clutzy? Not me…

Yes it’s true.  In the span of 3 days I have managed to fall down the stairs a total of 4 times.  I totally jinxed myself thinking that after 3 I must be in the clear – nope, not the case.  It started on Sunday afternoon, the door bell rang so I was sprinting to see who might be a calling when I missed the second step and slipped to the landing.  Thank god for the landing, too bad it was some random dude wanting to seal my driveway.  I then had a 4 am visit from Ollie Bear letting me know under no uncertain circumstances was I to go back to sleep without first attending to his nightly ‘I don’t feel well’, needs.  Fair enough to say that at 4am I am not at my balanced best and I fell (fell, not slipped) down the last 3 stairs.  I do believe I bruised my foot on this one.  Fast forward to last night, I headed up to bed and realized that I forgot my beloved iPhone at the front door and yup you guessed it.  Half way down to retrieve it I bailed again.  Here is where I thought all things were in the clear, I mean really how many more times can a girl lose her balance on the stairs in a week.  Apparently at least 1 more time.  My last and hopefully final fight with the stairs occurred this morning, wish me luck for the rest of my week.  Thankfully I haven’t been hurt on any of these clutzy maneuvers.


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Bye Bye BBQ Birdie…

I want you to picture yourself finally deciding on something to make for dinner.  After much indecisiveness you decide that perhaps you should fire up your BBQ and cook outside.  You carefully prepare everything you are going to grill on your BBQ and you head out to your back deck to enjoy an early evening cocktail and start up the BBQ.  In this little story you have a natural gas BBQ that has definitely seen better days and should have really been replaced a couple of years ago, yet you stubbornly refused to part with the money it would require to purchase a new BBQ.  You turn on the gas line, and lift the lid to the BBQ while about the strike a match when HOLY SHITE an effing bird fly’s out of the BBQ.  Not only was there a dirty disgusting bird in the grill, but it has taken up residence in your BBQ.  WTF?  There is grass, and twigs and mud and whatever the hell else this dirty little bird has managed to scavenge to build its nasty little home in your BBQ.  I want you all to know that this is not a fictional story,  this actually happened to me.  I was so grossed out by the thought of a bird living and pooping and diseasing and whatever else it was doing in my BBQ that I refused to eat anything from it ever again.  So off to get a new BBQ we went.  Once at the BBQ store I was then completely insulted by one of the BBQ sales reps who informed me that the BBQ store was a candy store for men and I belonged at the shoe store.  WHAT?!  Who is this guy and what century does he live in?  I promptly and matter of factly informed him that I was in fact purchasing a new BBQ but that it would not be from him.   Here is what we ended up with, from a nice guy who actually cared about the fact that I was going to be using the BBQ 50% of the time.  This one has a cover and very few areas where a dirty bird can squish through to build a nest, although it does also have a rotisserie so I guess I can roast it’s ass derriere if it tries to come back.

Prestige I P500RSIB Gas Grill Barbecue

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