Clutzy? Not me…

Yes it’s true.  In the span of 3 days I have managed to fall down the stairs a total of 4 times.  I totally jinxed myself thinking that after 3 I must be in the clear – nope, not the case.  It started on Sunday afternoon, the door bell rang so I was sprinting to see who might be a calling when I missed the second step and slipped to the landing.  Thank god for the landing, too bad it was some random dude wanting to seal my driveway.  I then had a 4 am visit from Ollie Bear letting me know under no uncertain circumstances was I to go back to sleep without first attending to his nightly ‘I don’t feel well’, needs.  Fair enough to say that at 4am I am not at my balanced best and I fell (fell, not slipped) down the last 3 stairs.  I do believe I bruised my foot on this one.  Fast forward to last night, I headed up to bed and realized that I forgot my beloved iPhone at the front door and yup you guessed it.  Half way down to retrieve it I bailed again.  Here is where I thought all things were in the clear, I mean really how many more times can a girl lose her balance on the stairs in a week.  Apparently at least 1 more time.  My last and hopefully final fight with the stairs occurred this morning, wish me luck for the rest of my week.  Thankfully I haven’t been hurt on any of these clutzy maneuvers.


June 13, 2012. Uncategorized.

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  1. bg replied:

    bg: Now you are getting more like your Mother.

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