Happy Easter Weekend!

Wow, what an insanely busy week for me at work.  Which is wonderful, however I was neglectful of my blog. 😦

So Easter Saturday is now upon us and BA and I have made a pact that once we get through Easter weekend we are going to devise a strategy to give up the sweets.  I talk about this a lot, but it really has become a more serious problem over the last 3 months.  My body NEEDS sugar, chocolate, candies, whatever.  Last week I was eating strawberries and dipped them in the sugar bowl, in case you were wondering it was delicious, but really the strawberry should have been enough all on its own.  I made vanilla milk chocolate chip cupcakes yesterday in honour of BA’s birthday on Tuesday and my mouth waters every time I look at them, I can’t wait to eat one tonight after her Birthday dinner.  I also went the to British Import store on Thursday and bought some real Cadbury Dairy Milk and Fruit and Nut bars for Wine Club this weekend, and yesterday I went the to movies twice so of course I needed movie snacks for both movies.  I hope the Easter Bunny brings me some insulin, I am probably going to need it soon.  Speaking of movies, JC and I saw Water for Elephants – highly recommend it.  Not only is my boyfriend in it, but they did a fabulous job basing it on the novel.

Happy Easter Egg Hunting!


April 23, 2011. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Mom (2) replied:

    The cupcakes were delicious…just ate the last one!!! Now to try to get off the sugar high!!!

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