100th Post

Wow!  Can you believe it, I have actually written 100 posts to my blog today.  Yay me!

In honour of this special occasion perhaps I will have some Easter chocolate. 😉 All kidding aside, maybe I will treat myself to a pretty new pair of shoes.  We have a client picking up his car today that owns a shoe company of some sort.  I think he is a distributor so I am going to get the goods today, like – what brands of shoes he distributes.  I am a shoe snob and I have no problems admitting it, so if he is selling jelly sandals I am out, but if he happens to carry some decent brands I will be his best friend forever.  I could actually use a new pair of Cardi Uggs too, maybe he distributes those!  This is getting pretty exciting, I will be so disappointed if it turns out he only deals with men’s steel toed boots.  We recently had another client who works in the cosmetic industry who told me I looked like Sh*t and needed some eye cream for the bags under my eyes – total douche bag (who says that to a complete stranger?!).  He happened to meet me after a sleepless night with Ollie Bear, but when he arrived to pick up his car he redeemed himself a little by telling me I looked fabulous.  Although he still gave me the eye cream he had brought for me, he told me to use it the next time I went out partying all night and had to work the next day.   Happy Hump Day, enjoy your Wednesday.  I’ll keep you posted on the shoe front.


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Apres Easter

So now that Easter is officially over and I have one day of cleansing under my belt I am happy to report that the Easter Bunny did not bring me insulin for Easter.  In fact, turns out I don’t even need insulin.  We had Sunday night wine club after Easter dinner at BA’s, and she has this fancy kit to prick your finger and check your blood sugar levels (she is diabetic).  While indulging in possibly my 4th glass of wine for the evening I asked her if she could check mine.  I was high on sugar and alcohol by this point, and JJ and T decided they wanted theirs checked too.  The 3 of us lined up our fingers and BA tested away, methodically changing the needle and pricking our fingers.  Turns out I had the lowest number (which is a good thing), my blood sugar level clocked in at 4.7, JJ scored a 5.1 and T a 5.2.  All this means to me is that I can keep on doing what I always do, which is enjoy everything in moderation. 🙂

Today is actually BA’s Birthday – so Happy Birthday BA!!!  Enjoy.  We had her birthday dinner on Saturday night at The Keg and then we indulged in those delicious cupcakes afterwards for dessert.  I am not going to lie to you, they were every bit as good as they looked. 😉

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File this under Unbelievable! Had to share this, could you imagine Ollie bear in this thing – lol.

Fashion that makes us sad: the Puppoose

By Joanna Douglas, Shine Staff | Shine – Wed, 13 Apr, 2011 1:48 PM ED

The Puppoose bag. Image courtesy of the Pleat.The Puppoose bag. Image courtesy of the Pleat

We love bringing home a good doggie bag, but this is ridiculous. Thanks to our friends over at The Pleat for showing us the Puppoose, a dog/purse hybrid that is not only absurd, it looks cruel.

Think of this as a stylish Baby Bjorn for your dog. Only chic! Wanna take him out on the town? A leash just simply won’t do anymore. Strap in your little guy and carry him around while you shop, go to Starbucks, or even  socialize in a bar or club. Because if  Paris Hilton ever taught us anything, it’s that pets are nothing more than accessories. Thats why the Puppoose comes in four colors: blue, pink, brown, and black. Buy them all to match every outfit. (Sorry! Small pink Puppooses are out of stock.)

And these aren’t just for puppies. No, don’t let the name fool you! The Puppoose comes in a range of sizes from extra small (perfect for a chihuahua or teacup terrier, especially dogs you dress up in pet outfits and booties) and large (perhaps suitable for a Labrador or dare we say Great Dane). Hey, who cares if your beloved pet is angry and uncomfortable and don’t worry if your shoulder hurts from lugging a 100 pound dog around—you are walking in style, baby!

Buy yours for $59.95 at dogpetboutique.com.

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Happy Easter Weekend!

Wow, what an insanely busy week for me at work.  Which is wonderful, however I was neglectful of my blog. 😦

So Easter Saturday is now upon us and BA and I have made a pact that once we get through Easter weekend we are going to devise a strategy to give up the sweets.  I talk about this a lot, but it really has become a more serious problem over the last 3 months.  My body NEEDS sugar, chocolate, candies, whatever.  Last week I was eating strawberries and dipped them in the sugar bowl, in case you were wondering it was delicious, but really the strawberry should have been enough all on its own.  I made vanilla milk chocolate chip cupcakes yesterday in honour of BA’s birthday on Tuesday and my mouth waters every time I look at them, I can’t wait to eat one tonight after her Birthday dinner.  I also went the to British Import store on Thursday and bought some real Cadbury Dairy Milk and Fruit and Nut bars for Wine Club this weekend, and yesterday I went the to movies twice so of course I needed movie snacks for both movies.  I hope the Easter Bunny brings me some insulin, I am probably going to need it soon.  Speaking of movies, JC and I saw Water for Elephants – highly recommend it.  Not only is my boyfriend in it, but they did a fabulous job basing it on the novel.

Happy Easter Egg Hunting!

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Crabby Keg

We had a great weekend for R’s birthday weekend.  Friday night R and I went to The Keg for dinner, and I was sooo looking forward to having Chicken fajita’s (and yes, I realize it’s a steakhouse).  After we were seated the waitress told me that they no longer served Chicken fajita’s, I was understandable disappointed – that’s what I had my heart set on for dinner.  So I browsed the menu and decided it was time to broaden my palate and I ordered the Dungeness Crab dinner, before our meals arrived the waitress came by with the melted butter and tool that resembled a nut cracker.  WTF??  I asked R if I had to actually crack the crab open, I really thought that it would only have been the crab leg dinner that would need some cracking, turns out mine did too.  I am now a master crab cracker and crab meat lover – my dinner was delicious.  So good in fact that I want to go back to The Keg in the next couple of weeks and have it again.  We also saw an old friend at the restaurant, turns out he is the GM there and we were pleasantly surprised when we got our bill that he had looked after a large part of it for us (for R’s birthday).    How great is that!? 

Saturday night we had another great dinner out with AB, SB, MP, EW and JW, we went to The Edward Street Market in Aurora and had a fabulous time.  Then on Sunday we had a really nice brunch with my great auntie H, Auntie J, B & B, BA, and 2 of my wonderful cousins and their husbands and kids.  I am always amazed at how well-behaved their kids are when we are out somewhere, my cousin HR might be laughing at this, but it’s true they are great kids.  Then to finish off our Sunday we had an intimate family dinner at our place with JJ, BA, B & B, EG, R and I.  R and I also the pleasure of kicking BA and EG’s butt at a game of Back-Up and I pretty much out did myself with my super fabulous icing on the cup cakes I made for R.  They were so good in fact that I am going to make BA some cupcakes for her big birthday this coming weekend.  After BA, we have 1 last April birthday to complete our Birthday Bonanza.  The only thing that sucked about this weekend was my sore throat, followed up by a dry nagging couch, which is now a faucet for a nose.  Awesome!  Sick again. 😦

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R is celebrating the 13th anniversary of his 29th birthday!!

Everyone – please join me in wishing R a very very happy birthday!

Love you lots!! From your ever devoted and trusty sidekick – GGi!!  xoxoxo

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Sleepy Surgery Puppy

Wow – times flies when you are busy.  This has been a crazy week so far and it’s not over yet.  Sweet little Ollie Bear had his surgery today, he was a trooper.  I think he was a little pissed off that he wasn’t allowed to have breakfast, but he did amazing.  He actually ended up needed to have 2 teeth extracted, cross your fingers that his breath improves dramatically with all this fancy dental work.  Which by the way ended up costing even more than the first quote with the extra tooth.  Again, I have to admit that R was right in the decision to keep the vet insurance.  Here it goes ‘R – you were right.  Keeping that vet insurance was a really really great idea.’

When we arrived at the vet’s he was beside himself – he was starving and so excited to see everywhere he couldn’t stop barking. They have a bird at Ollie’s doctors office and every time the bird chirped, Ollie bark.  The bird chirped a lot, I think he was deliberately chirping just so Ollie would talk back to him.   They told me what a good boy he was and sent me home with home care instructions and some pain killers.  Ollie’s doctor mentioned that the pain killers may cause him to be a little drowsy, about half an hour after he had his first one he had a hard time holding his head up.  He has spent most of the evening looking like this.

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Spring is here!

Spring is in the air and it’s time for me to rotate my from winter shoes/coats and bags to my summer shoes/coats and bags!  I can’t wait for the warmer weather to stick around.  T, JC and I will resume our 5:00am run – thank god for Pilates or my Petunia may be suffering with only twice a week runs.  Almost time to ramp that back up to 3-4 times per week again.  I also cleaned up the front of the house on the weekend, swept the driveway and raked the lawn.  I have noticed that some of our neighbours have tulips starting to bloom, this is something I envy each spring but I always forget to buy and plant bulbs.  Can you just plop them in the ground now – will they bloom this year if you do??  I am sooo tempted to open the window in our bedroom in the evenings too, but with the weather still a little unpredictable I am going to hold off on that one.  Plus with R’s allergies he will just close it anyways. 😦

It’s also time to start thinking about Easter Bunny weekend.  Easter is late this year and I kind of like it, it feels much more spring like with Easter in April instead of March.  I have been filling up on Easter Candy for a few weeks now, one of the reasons that I wrote that I was going to stop eating so much crap last week, but with Easter getting closer and the stores ramping up their Easter displays I am rendered powerless to the call of the sugar.

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Ollie loves Lulu

Ollie has had a pretty eventful week.  At about 5:00am this morning he woke me up heaving, I quickly jumped out of bed and escorted him to the washroom and the tile floor for him to finish emptying the contents of his stomach.  The light from the bathroom was filtering through the door and casting a soft glow on the carpet in our room, just in front of his bed looked to be a large log of grossness (wrapped in satin bands).  I was too late, he had heaved on the floor before I got him to the safety of the bathroom.  I cleaned up the nastiness and noticed that he had thrown up something that he ate on Tuesday evening. 

I had purchased some new unmentionables (code for panties) from Lululemon, they have this really comfy soft lace underoo that I really like.  I bought 5 pairs at $12.00 a pair because I love them so much.  They come wrapped in a medium width satin band and I had thrown the lot in the laundry room sink for washing on Thursday so that I could enjoy wearing them by the weekend.  Ollie likes to eat things, I think most of you will remember he ate 2 sponges, he has also previously enjoyed socks and underwear and even the odd sweaty t-shirt from the laundry, in addition to the rope from his rope toys, and any amount of stuffing he can get out of his babies.  We joke that Ollie considers the laundry his own personal buffet.  It didn’t occur to me that he would want to eat never before been worn underwear, but he did.  I went out Tuesday evening to Pilates (still in the process of changing my whole entire body) for an hour, I came home and all over his bed were the remnants of my purchase – $60.00 in his stomach.  He carried around that cotton for over 36 hours before his body finally rejected it this morning.  Normally he passes these things the opposite way, so today R is going to watch extra carefully to make sure he is ok.  When he ate the sponges we know that they had glue on them and would expand in his stomach, so we made him vomit.  Since he has devoured whole socks before and passed them I wasn’t super concerned with this incident.  Apparently I should have been.  Cross your fingers that the only surgery he needs is his tooth and not his intestines for a blockage.

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You want how much money??? It’s a tooth!

I haven’t been very good at updated my blog in a timely manner this week, oh well.  Yesterday was my Saturday, so I did the usual running around with Ollie Bear in tow.  One of the stops we had to make was at the vet’s for some anti histamine spray for a funny rash we found on his tail when we were in last week for the tooth.  While there the vet had the estimate prepared and ready for me for next week.  We have Vet insurance, and let me just tell you how absolutely positively ecstatic I am that I didn’t cancel our policy this winter – which I seriously considered doing since they jacked our rates, but R said don’t do it.  The estimate for his surgery next Thursday is $1485.00 – at first I thought maybe i had something on my contact that was making it look like their was a ‘1’ in front of the ‘4’, but no it is almost $1500.00 to have his tooth removed.  It is the largest molar in his mouth and takes just over an hour to correctly surgically remove.  Why can’t they just yank it out and throw a little stitch in it, it’s a tooth it’s not like its his kidney or anything.    Oh well, at least after we dish out $1485.00 we can send our form to the insurance company and get 90% back.

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